Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kenna's by CKC Patterns

I saw a tester call for this pattern while I was on vacation. I was super bummed that I couldn't test it, but was SO excited to see that it was coming. I LOVE this style!

I found this fabric at Joann's and fell in love with it. 😍 I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to use it for... Well I FINALLY got around to making my new CKC Kenna's!

This pattern is drafted for stretch fabrics. It has a dolman style sleeve (so easy and quick). It is not a fitted top. It has a loose fit, comfortable fit.

You have a few options for your sleeves. You can choose to add a ruffle or a cuff to your sleeve, or you can just hem it. If you want the ruffle or cuff, there is a measurement cut chart included in the pattern.

There are two options for the front bodice. You can sew Kenna's with the knot in the center front, or you can make it with the knot more to one side. There are actually two separate front bodice pieces included in this pattern, and a print chart, so that it is easy to print only the pages you need!

You will find three different cut lines for height for your bodice pieces. You have the option of sewing this for petite, average, or tall. So hopefully, you won't have to make any adjustments for height! Shannon has done that for you! 😉

The bottom of the shirt can be finished using two different methods. There are instructions included for if you want to hem everything (the front, back, ties for knot pieces), and there are instructions for hemming the back only and lining the bottom front of the shirt.

My Top:

I made myself a size small based on my bust measurement. Since the pattern is loose around the waist, I feel like the bust measurement would be the most important when choosing a size for this pattern. I like the fit. My top is cut for average height. I am about 5'5" tall. I felt like the length of this top is perfect for me. It hits right at about my high hip.

I decided to hem my sleeves, although, I really love the way that ruffle looks! 😍 Maybe I will try that next time! I used the center front knot, and chose to line the bottom front of my shirt. I felt like lining the bottom front would be easier (and look neater) than trying to hem the knot ties. The lining was easy to do! You can optionally topstitch the bottom front, and I did choose to do this because it helps the tie pieces to lay more nicely and, in my opinion, it looks more professional. 

My Fabric

As I mentioned, this fabric came from Joann's Fabric. I was REALLY happy recently when I discovered that my local Joann's now carries Double Brushed Poly! They didn't have many choices, but they did have a few. I'm hopeful for more in the future. This was a DBP, and I really love it!! 

Overview of This Pattern:

  • three options for finishing sleeves (hem, cuff, or ruffle)
  • two knot options (center front or over to one side)
  • two options for finishing bottom front (lining or hem)
  • three different bodice cut lines (petite, average, or tall) 
  • easy dolman style
  • quick sew!
  • photo instructions
  • available here 

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The All Seasons Top and Dress by Pickle Toes Patterns

I'm starting to think a little about fall. I've been sewing a lot this summer, but most of the things I have made so far are really summery and won't carry me far when the weather starts changing. I really want a few handmade things to wear this fall and winter, so I decided to go ahead and make something new!

This is the All Season's Top by Pickle Toe's Patterns!

This Pattern:

Let me tell you about this pattern! You have quite a few options for sewing it. You can sew this in top, tunic, or dress length. There are two neckline options (jewel neck and V-Neck). You have quite a few sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4, or long). The sleeves can be made with a hem or a band. There is also an option to add a thumbhole cuff to the long sleeve. SEE? Lots of options!

This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. Almost any knit fabric with at least 30% stretch will work. You'll want to use something slightly stretchier and with good recovery for the bands.

This is a pretty easy sew, and goes together fairly quickly. I think it's good for a beginner project. The top/dress is slightly fitted at the bust but loose and flowy around the waist and hips. It's definitely a comfortable and flattering fit on everyone!

My Top:

As you can see, I decided to sew this top twice. My sister needed one too, right? Her bust and waist measurements are almost the exact same as mine, making it easy. Only need one pattern. 😉 Isn't that convenient?

I made our matching tops from some Double Brushed Poly fabric I got from Surge Fabric Shop. This fabric is so pretty and SO SOFT! I love how DBP feels! 💓

Obviously I decided to make this pattern in top length. We wanted something that we could wear with blue jeans or dress up with a skirt, and this top is perfect! It is easy to wear it for causal wear or to church if you pair it with the right thing.

I used the jewel neckline for both of our tops. I don't know how, but somehow I've never even heard of this neckline option before. I think I had heard of everything else, but not jewel. I had to Google search it. Apparently the jewel neckline is a somewhat rounded neckline, deeper than a crew neck, but not as deep as a scoop neck. I like the neckline on this option. I like where it hits me, and I think it's very pretty.

I chose to use the 3/4 length sleeves with bands rather than hems. I like bands on 3/4 length sleeves because if you get to warm, they're easy to push up to elbow length. The bands help the sleeves to stay put when you push them up.

As you can see, the top is more fitted at the bust and looser at the waist and hips. It fits both of us very comfortably.

Overview of This Pattern:

  • two neckline options (jewel and v-neck)
  • several sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4, and long)
  • hemmed or banded sleeves
  • optional thumbhole cuff for long sleeve
  • top, tunic, or dress length cut lines
  • drafted for knit fabrics
  • comfortable fit (more fitted at bust, loose at waist and hips)
  • easy sew
  • support from the Pickle Toes Patterns Facebook Group (a great place to share your PTP creations and get assistance if needed) 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sewing with Nature's Fabrics Panels

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I had never used a panel before! I had seen them used in sewing groups, and seen them for sale on websites and destash pages, but I had never actually tried one. There are some really cute ones available, and I have no idea why I had never used one, because they're just regular fabric with a cute print. So it's not like sewing it would be more difficult or anything, right? You just have to find the right pattern and right coordinates to showcase your panel. That's all... maybe it requires just a tiny bit more thinking, but you get a super cute new outfit, so worth it, right?

These Panels and Fabric:

I used the wolf and sheep panel from Nature's Fabrics for these outfits. Isn't it ADORABLE? It took me a little bit to figure out what to make with this panel. I was trying to decide whether or not I should make something for Luke or for Daniel. I decided I would show it to Daniel when it arrived and see who he thought it should be for. But when it arrived, to my surprise, the panel that measured 29" X 30" and had TWO wolf and sheep print sets on it. So, I realized that if I planned creatively enough, I could sew something for both of my boys! What a win!

These panels are printed on organic cotton spandex (made up of 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex) so basically, they're super soft and stretchy.  These are 4 way stretch and perfect for children's clothes!

I was also given some green cotton spandex to work with. It was also soft and stretchy. I really loved it, and the color! The color matched the green on the panel almost perfectly.

The Patterns I Used: 

The print was wide, and I wanted to be super creative with cutting so that I didn't lose much of it. For my 3 year old, it was a bit easier because his clothes are a bit larger. So I didn't have to worry too much about losing much on a tee shirt for him. I decided to use the Brindille and Twig Basic Tee, because I have quite a few Brindille and Twig patterns, and you never can go wrong with them for your knit sews. I cut the front, sleeves, and neckband from the Nature's Fabrics panel. I used the solid green for the back.

For his shorts, I used the Brindille and Twig Pocket Shorts. I used the solid green for everything except for the pockets. I cut the pocket pieces from scraps I had left over from the panel. I like the little pop of a different color that you have in the pockets.

Luke's romper is also Brindille and Twig. I struggled a bit to find a pattern wide enough for his. Like I said, I didn't want to cut too much of the picture off, so I measured and tried a couple of things before settling on this. And I'm SO glad I settled on this! I color blocked the bottom front of his with my green fabric (because my panel wasn't long enough to go down to the crotch snaps). I think the color blocking worked well on this because the green I used is almost the exact same color as the green bush on the picture. I was able to use scrap pieces from the top of my panel for the neckband and armbands, and I used a different green that I had on hand for the back. I think it turned out so cute! In fact, I'm thinking that this is one of my favorite outfits for Luke right now! I really love bubble suits on babies! I did modify this pattern the tiniest bit... I really just left off the snap placket at the chest. It's not needed, because the fabric is stretchy to pull over the head, and since I had this pretty picture printed on the fabric, I was afraid that the snap placket would take away from it.

Aren't their outfits SO CUTE?

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Link to the Nature's Fabrics Website

Link to the panel I used

All Available Panels on Nature's Fabric's site (And they're on sale this week only!)

Here are all of the beautiful cotton/spandex solids available at Nature's Fabrics

If you are interested in my referral link for Brindille and Twig Patterns, you can click here This will also give you 15% off of your first purchase! 😊

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants

What is more fun than wearing a pair of yoga pants? Wearing a pair of yoga pants that nobody will know is a pair of yoga pants! When you get a fabulous pattern like the Fit Pants by Mamma Can Do It, you can make some comfy pants that look a little more dressed up. To me, they look more like your casual clothes that you can wear anywhere. You can dress them up or down, however you like, by choosing different fabrics and by pairing them with different tops and shoes. This is really a great pattern!

Sew these pants with any fabric that has about 50% stretch, and it will quickly become your favorite pattern! You can choose skinny leg, straight leg, or flared legs. I think my favorites will be skinny or flare, because they’re a bit more fitted along the thigh, which I like. You can choose to add pockets or no side pockets, three different options of back pockets (or none at all), elastic waistband or yoga waistband. There are instructions for lengthening or shortening the pattern according to your inseam length as well.  You also have the option of adding a faux fly to make them a little more jean-like. Then you have cut lines for different length pants. You can make these into super short shorts, knee length shorts, capris, pants, whatever you want.

Do you see all the options listed? Is it really possible to make the pants this many times, and have none of them look the same? WOW!

My Pants

Let me tell you about my fit pants! I used the flared leg pattern, which you can obviously see! I LOVE the fit of these! I also used an elastic waistband. My pants are made with back pockets, but no side pockets. I skipped the faux fly. Please note that the pockets were dropped a little after I made my final pair, so this does not reflect the final pocket placement on the pattern.

Another note about pockets – in any pattern you sew, there will be a pocket placement guide, however, it is just that – a guide. Pocket placement is so much of a personal preference. What placement looks good on your body? What placement makes you feel good. There is no way a designer can decide this for you! So, use the placement guide, if you wish, or come up with your own placement that you love!

I am only 5’5” tall so I expected that I would need to shorten the length a little because my height is a tad less than the height for which these were drafted. However, I have a short torso and ALL of my height is in my legs. I’m SO GLAD I compared the finished inseam length for the pants to my inseam length, because I actually needed to add 1” to the length of the pants. My length is PERFECT. Maybe this is why I have such a hard time finding pants that are long enough! I LOVE these pants!!

My Fabric

I found this fabric a while ago on sale at Wal-Mart, of all places. It’s a ponte fabric that has very close to 50% stretch, which is what is recommended for this pattern. I love the heavier weight of the ponte. I think it works perfectly with the flared legs. I know I’ll enjoy these in the winter time.
This ponte is polyester, so I know it will eventually start to pill. I’ve seen other ponte (online, even some at Joann’s fabric and Hobby Lobby) that has nylon rather than polyester. I’ve heard that the nylon, rayon, spandex blend does not pill like the polyester does. So I’m anxious to try another pair using that!


Did I mention that these pants are SO FAST to sew? You can make a basic pair of pants or shorts in no time! And, if you decide that you do want to use the pockets or faux fly, they really only take a few minutes to add. It’s a ridiculously easy and quick sew! Nap time sew for sure!

Overview of this Pattern:

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Also, Elizabeth, owner of Mamma Can Do It, is having some serious fun in her Facebook Group with this release! You don't want to miss a thing! Make sure you're a member of her group! 😄😍

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Double Take Tank by Winter Wear Designs

I'm loving woven fabrics! Quite a few of my summer items in my closet (things that I purchased several years back) were made from woven fabrics. I love these items because they're cool and breathable for hot weather. But when I started sewing, I found that pretty knits were easy to find. Not only could I easily get pretty double brushed poly or cotton lycra, but I could also very easily find sewing patterns that I liked drafted for knit fabrics. It seemed, in Facebook sewing groups, like everyone was sewing knit fabrics. Knits were just more popular for a while. Thankfully, recently, quite a few designers are coming out with new woven designs. And, I think everyone was ready!

The woven pattern I'm showing you today is the new woven tank by Winter Wear Designs. Meet the new Double Take Tank! The name Suzanne chose is perfect for this pattern, and you'll see why!

The Pattern:

This pattern is drafted for woven fabrics. You'll want to use something with good drape for the top so that it will lay nicely. In the graphic from the website, you'll see recommended fabrics.

Since the pattern is drafted for wovens, with no stretch, it is not a snug fitting tank. There are no closures to worry about either. It easily pulls over the body. There is a dart at the bust, and the tank is tapered in slightly at the waist to give the top a beautiful feminine shape. 

You have a couple of options to choose from with this top. There are two back options. You can choose to sew either a racerback top or a scoop back top. I chose to make the scoop back top since I don't have a racerback bra. I really may need to invest though! I keep coming across beautiful racerback patterns. 😉 The scoop back does come up high enough to cover the back of your bra (thank you Suzanne)! 

There are two hemlines to choose from. You can use either the straight hem or the shirttail hem (that is slightly lower in the back). My top is the straight hem. You can also choose a short or longer hemline. 

You will have a couple of options with your bias tape. The bias tape will be used to finish your neckline and arm holes. The pattern recommends making your own bias tape, and gives excellent instructions if you choose to do so. You can use single fold bias tape (that cannot be seen from the outside), or double fold bias tape (that will be seen from the outside). 

My Fabric:

I used a rayon fabric from Joann's. If you watch the coupons and sales just right, you can get fabric from Joann's at a good price. But otherwise, you may want to order online. When I got mine, Joann's had their "silky fabrics" on sale. I've just learned that you have to watch the sales and coupons at Joann's for it to be worth it! But they really do have some pretties, if you go look there! Here is the fabric I used:

My Top:

As I mentioned, my top has the scoop back option and a straight hem. My top was made using the short length. I have long legs and a short torso, so I feel like this is the perfect top length for me. I used the 100% Rayon Fabric from Joann's and it drapes and fits perfectly. I made a size small according to my measurements, and amd happy with the fit.  I chose to use store bought bias tape because I didn't think I had enough fabric to make my own. I may try making my own in the future, because I think it would be easier to work with and would potentially give a better finish. Making your own bias tape is ideal because it's the same weight as the fabric and will be easier to "stretch" to fit. But, store bought obviously does work. 😉 

  • Drafted for woven fabrics
  • perfect for beginners
  • excellent photo instructions and line drawings to explain every step, as with every Winter Wear pattern
  • options for scoop back or racerback back
  • straight hem or shirttail hem (curved hem in back)
  • shorter or longer length
  • two options for bias tape (single or double fold)
  • instructions to make your own bias tape
  • this is a "Wardrobe Builder" pattern so $5 forever!! 

Thank you so much for checking out my post! I have included my affiliate link to the pattern throughout this post. I would so appreciate you using it if you choose to purchase! 🙂

See the Winter Wear Designs site here: (affiliate link)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The V-Ery Sparkly V-Neck

So I've had this pattern for a while. In fact, I actually tested it last summer, but I never did blog about it. And, it's absolutely a favorite of mine, so I really HAD to share it with you guys! This is the V-ery Sparkly V-Neck Dress by A Sparkly Baby! I really love A Sparkly Baby Patterns. They'll always hold a special place in my heart, because this is the first company that I ever pattern tested for a few years ago, and I REALLY enjoyed it. I always have a good experience when I test for Taryn, and it's always fun. She's easy going, and always welcomes feedback. She will make necessary changes and continue working on a pattern for as long as it takes. She really gives her all and her best every time. I've seen how much love and hard work she puts into what she makes, and I love that about her!

Let me tell you about this pattern in particular though. The pattern has A LOT of options. You'll see them in the graphic I borrowed from her listing below. You can make the dress sleeveless, with short sleeves, with cap sleeves, with banded sleeves, there are pocket options, different skirt length options, a regular A-line skirt option or a half circle skirt. See... tons of options - WHOA!

Image borrowed from the V-ery Sparkly V-Neck Dress Listing on the A Sparkly Baby Etsy Shop
This is an ideal dress for the summer months since options for sleeveless and short sleeves are included in this pattern. It is a pretty easy sew, and includes good photo instructions to help you along the way. The V-Neck included in this pattern is different from every other v-neck pattern that I've made... the way Taryn does the seam allowance on the neckband makes it much easier. I LOVE that about this pattern.

I've made this pattern a few times. I think I made thee during testing, one after testing was complete, and four more modified! I really LOVE it!

My dresses have all been modified for nursing. If you're not in the A Sparkly Baby Facebook Group, you should be! There is an excellent tutorial in the files of that group to tell you exactly how to make the dress nursing friendly! Actually, this tutorial was intended to be used with the Ladies Ultimate Tee, but it works with this dress too (and probably some other stuff you'd like to modify). 😉 It's a great tutorial, and good to know about!

The top panel lifts up for nursing access.

Fabric I Have Used:

I have made this dress in quite a few different fabrics. During testing, I made one with a cotton spandex bodice and a skirt made from a jersey maxi dress that I upcycled. I made one with a rayon spandex bodice with a jersey half circle skirt, and one that was some mystery content fabric I bought from Wal-Mart (this was super stretchy and slinky, but a pretty color and CHEAP).

After testing was over, I made my absolute FAVORITE dress - It was made from Liverpool Fabric. Liverpool fabric is actually my favorite fabric to work with. I also love wearing it. And, by the way, if you travel, it packs well in a suitcase and doesn't wrinkle at all. I have many, many reasons for loving liverpool. HA!

Then I made a modified version of this pattern 4 times. I'll tell you about them below. Two were made from a 100% polyester knit I bought at Wal-Mart, and two were made using a rayon spandex for the bodice and a brushed poly for the skirt.

As I mentioned, the liverpool dress turned out to be my favorite. I also really liked the fit of the dress made from the polyester knit (it was more stable and fit well). Cotton Spandex has great recovery, so that dress also fit well. My other dresses made using the rayon spandex just didn't fit as well. They stretched out SO much. I honestly don't love sewing or wearing rayon spandex. It's so soft and breathable, so I wish I loved it more, but it stretches so much with less recovery, so I just don't find that the things I make with it fit as well. Maybe I should have sized down.


As I mentioned, all of my V-Ery Sparkly V-Neck dresses were made with nursing mods. I tried using the nursing mod included in the A Sparkly Baby Renni Dress, but it didn't work well for this particular pattern. I found the mod created for the Ultimate Tee to work much better for me!

So on to my other pattern modifications... You'll notice that some of my dresses do not have a v-neck. That's one of my pattern mods. It's so easy to do this too!! I love scoop necks, and really prefer wearing them. So I took my pattern piece, and instead of cutting it along the "v", I scooped it out to how I wanted it to be shaped. Then once I put my front bodice piece and back bodice piece together, I determined the length I needed to make the neckband by measuring my neck opening and multiplying that by 0.80.  Easy peasy.

The other mod I made was to the fall floral dress -- the ones with sleeves. As you know, this pattern is intended to be a spring/ summer pattern, and does not include sleeves. But we were making these for my sister's baby shower, and wanted to have dresses that we could wear through the fall and winter with sleeves. Did you know that you can mix and match any A Sparkly Baby Patterns to get exactly what you want? Yep, that is what I did here. I took the sleeves from the Ultimate Tee, cut them at 3/4 length, and added elastic at the hem to draw it in a little. We LOVED how these turned out.

Maternity Wear:

So obviously my sister was pregnant in some of these photos. We used this dress with no modifications for maternity. Yes, it works, but yes, it also fits a tad better not pregnant. She looked beautiful though! And we had such a good time matching at her baby shower! And, I consider it a WIN when you can get use out of something for maternity and nursing!

A Recap of This Pattern
  • v-neck dress pattern
  • a-line skirt and half circle skirt included
  • multiple length options included
  • sleeveless, short sleeve (hemmed) and banded short sleeve included
  • same armscye as other A Sparkly Baby Patterns if you want to add sleeves from a different pattern
  • illustrated or photo instructions
  • layers
  • easy sew with great support from the Facebook Group
  • instructions in the Facebook Group to make this dress nursing friendly  

So run, grab this pattern here and make yourself something beautiful!!

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Dressing for Comfort in the Mamma Can Do It Adalynn

Who loves wearing comfortable clothes? EVERYONE, right?

I love dressing comfortably, but I've never been a fan of wearing tees and yoga pants everywhere... I just like to look a little more "put-together." So, when I made my first Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress, it was LOVE. This dress is so comfortable to wear, you'll feel like you're wearing a nightgown. In fact, I asked my mama a few times, "I don't look like I'm wearing a nightgown, do I?" I didn't want to go out looking like I was dressed for bed. HA! But I was assured that I did not look like I was wearing a gown, and I received quite a few compliments on my first Adalynn, so I decided to make more!

Comfortable for All Seasons

You can really dress for ANY season with this pattern. It has long, 3/4 sleeve, and short sleeve options, and if you're handy with pattern-hacking, there are plenty of other opportunities if you use this as a base pattern. 😉

I made my first Adalynn in February. I actually wore it for the first time when we went out for our anniversary! 💓 Since it was February, it was still cool outside. I made the 3/4 sleeves (because we live in Louisiana and we were rapidly approaching warmer weather). I  also wore it paired with tights a lot. It looks great with leggings, tights, hose, or all by itself.

This one is modified a tiny bit to add a nursing overlay panel and a sash! I have a tutorial on Elizabeth's Blog

The short sleeve Adalynn is obviously the perfect choice for warm weather. It's a swing dress, so it doesn't fit too close to the body, which I enjoy when it's hot!

I have made three dresses for myself so far (and one for my sister), and all have been made from Double Brushed Poly. I seem to find all the prints I love in DBP. But, it is not the coolest fabric for the summer. I would also recommend trying a bamboo spandex for breathability, if that is what you're looking for. It would drape nicely as well, and make a great Adalynn! I'm kind of wanting get some to try for this pattern.

Perfect for Any Event

I love a pattern that I can use for almost anything. And, the Adalynn is perfect for pretty much anything. It's comfortable, modest, and practical enough for everyday wear. The knee length is not too short or too long for chasing around toddlers. Make it in a fun DBP print or a bamboo lycra, and you've got an everyday dress. Use a pretty DBP or SBP solid and dress it up with pearls, hose, and heels for church or a special occasion. I have even worn one of my Adalynn dresses for beach family pictures. So many possibilities!

This is what I wore to our anniversary dinner. I have it on with black tights, heels, and pearls. It is slightly modified. Read about it here
And here is where my Adalynn made an appearance in beach photos 😉

A Little About My New Adalynn

I love lemons. Not just the print, although it is cute. I actually love all things lemon. I like lemon candies, baked lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, lemonade, lemon slices in water, and of course lemon fabric. Ha! So when I saw this print at Knitpop, I was IN LOVE. My sister and I always enjoyed having matching clothes, so I texted her a link and said, "Hey would you wear this?" She loved it too, so that's how our lemon dresses came to be. 😉 And it's such a bonus when your sister has the same bust and waist measurement as you...  only have to mess with one copy of the pattern!

Our dresses are the semi-fitted version of the Adalynn. I used double brushed poly (96% poly, 4% spandex). They are short sleeves, and this is the first time I have used the pocket pieces for the Adalynn pattern. I know everyone says they love dresses with pockets, and I didn't think I would, so I had not tried them before. Since the pattern was directional, I had some random scrap pieces to use up. I decided that pockets would be the most logical way to use those. Well, I'm indifferent. 🤣 I love the dress, but apparently don't care about pockets. But they're there if you like them. The instructions for the pockets are fantastic, and nope, if you're wondering, the pockets don't flip out. They stay put, which is a necessity!

Showing off our pockets!

Go Grab It 😉

Are you convinced that you NEED to add this pattern to your pattern stash yet? Go grab it, sew one up, and share it in the Facebook Group! I'm POSITIVE that you'll love the pattern as much as I do! It's such a flattering style on everyone who makes it! Don't believe me? Go check out all of the tester images on the website! You'll be able to see this dress on ANY size you can think of! For real, you can purchase this pattern in four size ranges ranging all the way from newborn to plus size 40, and everyone who wears it is beautiful!

See the pattern here: (affiliate link)

My Link to Knitpop (aff. link)

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