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FREE Pajamas! Sew A Little Seam Movie Night PJs

I love free stuff. It makes me happy. I especially like free stuff when it's a quality sewing pattern.

Have you tried the Sew A Little Seam Movie Night PJ's? I made them for the first time last week, and right now, I'm trying to figure out WHY I waited so long! It's a great pattern, with lots of options. It's FREE, and it's so good that it's worth printing and trying out!

Let me tell you about it...

This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. It is for a two piece pajamas set (a shirt and shorts or pants). You can make a short sleeve or long sleeve tee. The pants have cut lines for shorts, capris, or long pants. The shirt can have a regular sleeve or a gathered sleeve. The shirt is finished with a hem at the bottom and sleeve cuffs. The pants can either be made with a yoga waistband or with an elastic casing. There is also an option to add a button or snap placket to the shirt. See... lots of options. Definitely worth downloading!

The pattern fits children betwe…
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Spooky and Sweet, Ready for Trick or Treat!

Daniel has been asking since about July when Halloween is. He REALLY wanted to be Batman for Halloween. I knew he would change his mind before October, so I waited to sew his costume. After all, kids change their minds, right? I should have known better. Daniel is stubborn and when he makes a decision, (whether good or bad), he sticks with it. Last year, he decided very early that he wanted to be an airline pilot for Halloween, and I was surprised that he even knew what an airline pilot was or what they wore, but he did, and I obliged, making him an airline pilot costume.

When Sunni of Made for Little Gents announced that she would be hosting a Halloween Blog Tour, I immediately signed up, knowing that it would force me to get costumes made a couple of weeks early! Early is ALWAYS good, because otherwise, I'm last minute. So today is my day on the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour. 
May I present to you.... My Version of Batman and Robin!

Daniel chose Batman, and since Luke doesn'…

CKC Huxley's - A Fun Little Romper for All Seasons!

I LOVE rompers. Everybody knows that. I just can't get over how cute little boys look in them. So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test this little pattern in the summer, and even more thrilled when Kristen decided to add pants to the pattern for the fall!

CKC Huxley's

Perfect forAny Season: This pattern is an easy sew, perfect for woven fabrics. It can be used in the spring or summer using either the high-cut cut lines (see those cute little chubby legs) or using the shorts length cut lines. It's perfect in the fall and winter as pants. 

It's Reversible! The pattern is completely reversible! You can use two different fun prints to have two completely different outfits in one. The sewing time of making one romper, but you have two different looks. I love this!

It's Perfect for Embellishment: The front and back are both one solid piece with only side seams. There is no center front seam, no seam attaching the bodice to the pants. This makes it perfect for la…

CKC Tierney's

When I saw this pattern tester call, I REALLY liked the top. I loved the detail on the sleeves. I liked the optional elbow patches. I liked the color blocking options, and I loved that the tee shirt could be all of these things... or just a basic tee, if that's what you need.

This is CKC Tierney's!

I got this pretty sweater knit from a Knitpop scrap pack a few weeks ago. I already made myself something using it. You can see that here. I had enough of my scrap pieces left to make my sister something too. What is better than trying a new pattern?? Almost nothing. So I used up the rest of my nice sweater fabrics to make my sister a coordinating top!

According to her measurements, she fits into a size small. It is perfect on her. I used the color blocked bodice options, and the color blocked the sleeve detail. Her top is the "tunic" length. As you can see, it would be long enough to wear with leggings, if she chooses to do that!

Cutting the Pieces

After I cut all of the p…

The Sinclair Cachet

I've made this pattern six times and counting... I figured it was about time to write about it!

This is one of my favorites by Sinclair Patterns. Who am I kidding? All of her patterns are my favorites! 😉


Okay... so I've actually only made three of these for myself. The other three are for my sister but they count in the total six, right? I still sewed them. 😉

Do you have any favorite patterns, ones that are just reliable, and you can go back to them again and again and never get tired of them. This one has some options, but not a ton, but it's still so fabulous, such a "staple" you might say.

Why do I love this pattern so?

It's FAST. Yeah- I like quick sews because I just don't have a ton of time to devote to sewing, and I like to actually get things finished. It doesn't have inset sleeves... more of an extended shoulder line/ cap sleeve. Two shoulder seams, two side seams, neckband, and hems. That's it. FAST. Like you want somet…

My $5 dress! The Sunflower Tank by Mamma Can Do It

Wearing a tank top makes me think of hot weather, being outside, and plenty of sunshine. But, really they're the perfect layering piece and you can wear them ALL THE TIME. They're perfect under cardigans, wonderful for layering under that too-low-cut blouse, and I even wear them to church underneath a blazer in the Winter time. They're definitely a closet- staple. You need a handful of tank tops ready to grab when you decide you want to wear one, right?

Well... let me tell you about this little pattern! This is the Sunflower Tank by Mamma Can Do It. It has plenty of options so that you can make yourself a closet full of tank tops, if your heart desires. 😉 Do you want top length, tunic length, knee length dress, or long dress? Do you want your arms and neckline bound, or do you prefer bands? You've got quite a few ways you can sew this pattern without even thinking about the first "hack."
My title suggests that my dress was $5, so let me tell you about that! I…