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The Dakota by Sinclair Patterns

Have you ever had a favorite dress? You know the one that is so comfortable, but practical. It is perfect for wearing everyday, but also appropriate for wearing to church. It definitely would be an office staple, because you can look professional, but you feel like you might also be wearing your favorite nightgown. The second I put on my new Sinclair Dakota, I knew that this was that dress for me. I LOVE it!
Let me tell you all about this pattern! You have quite a few options to make this your perfect dress.

The length: You can choose between dress length or tunic length. Dress length hits at about knee length. Tunic length is about mid-thigh length and is perfect for wearing with leggings or skinny jeans (maybe even opaque tights). This is my dress length, and I haven't yet photographed my tunic length!

The bodice options: You can sew the dress using two different bodice options. There is either a solid front bodice (cut on fold), or a front bodice with a placket. You can either sew…
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Fancy, Fancy! Free SLEEVE add on by Winter Wear Designs!

Do you love wearing tee shirts? They're so comfortable, but I love feeling "put together." I enjoy wearing comfortable clothes that also could double as something work/ church/ whatever appropriate. Part of my love for sewing knits probably comes from my love for wearing knits. They're just so soft and easy to wear, but with the right pattern and the right fabric, you can really look a little dressed up.

I first tried the Tidewater Tee by Winter Wear Designs over the summer. I loved the style, but needed to work on the pattern a little to get my perfect fit. This top was made to be a summer top - it has short sleeves or cold shoulder sleeves included in the pattern. It has a back yoke with a cute cut-out in the back. It's the perfect summer top. But it's so cute, why not use it year-round?

When Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs mentioned that she was making a sleeve add-on that would work with her knit patterns, I knew I HAD to sew the Tidewater Tee again! I'…

Jaycee's Joggers by CKC

I bought a couple of 2 yard cuts of cotton lycra a WHILE ago. I've been meaning to try my hand at making lounge pants or leggings, but just haven't. I've done all kinds of other things, and I always think I want something new that I can wear outside of the house rather than another pair of lounge pants. But the truth is, I don't actually have THAT many pairs of lounge pants! I have one pair of yoga pants, a pair of knee length yoga pants, and old pants I wore for danceline practice in high-school. I could really use more around-the-house pants. Mamas deserve lounge pants. 🤣

So... I did it! I spent a few minutes sewing up the new Jaycee's Joggers by CKC Patterns. These can be your super basic joggers (the version I did), or you have options to change them up a bit. Let me tell you all about this pattern.

About Jaycee's Joggers:

As I mentioned, you can make these joggers as basic as you would like. There are front leg, bag leg, waistband, and ankleband pattern pi…

Fabulous and FREE! The Neck Tie Top by Winter Wear Designs

I love free patterns, especially when they're by a designer that I already know and love. When Suzanne with Winter Wear Designs drafted this pattern, I was excited! I have not been very exciting with my wardrobe choices in the past - most of my shirts were just basic tees. Solid tees are still nice to have, but it's so much fun to wear something different. Lately I've been LOVING all the fun prints!

I KNEW I wanted to test this pattern, and as soon as I finished sewing it, it became my new favorite shirt. Like... I've been wearing it ALL THE TIME. I really need to make another one!

This is the new free Neck Tie Top by Winter Wear Designs. Isn't it great?

Let me tell you about it!

This top is a semi-fitted tee. You have the options of a solid front or a color blocked front. I color-blocked the front top to be the same fabric as my neckband tie.  The sleeve is a slim poet style sleeve with a cuff. You can either finish the bottom with a band or a simple hem.

It is inte…

Dressing Up in My Little Black Dress - The Winter Wear Designs Magnolia

Every girl needs a little black dress (or a few) hanging in her closet, right? Well, I decided that for my day on the Winter Wear Designs "Deck the Closet" blog tour, I would go ahead and add a new dress to my closet. The fabulous thing about a basic black dress is the ability to dress it up or down depending on how you accessorize it.

I am blogging on how to use a Winter Wear Designs pattern for formal/dressy wear. She has a couple of patterns that are actually intended for formal wear, and I do intend to try them, but things have been crazy for me lately, and I didn't feel like I had time for a super time-consuming project this month. As you have probably gathered, I'm a fan of sewing knit fabrics. They just go together so quickly and easily. Since they're stretchy, you can avoid the need for closures (which are nice, but take more time).

So, because I love fairly quick, satisfying projects, I chose to use a pattern I've actually blogged on before - the Win…

Cozy and Cute! The Peek-a-boo Alex and Anna PJs

It's my day on the Boys in Pajamas Blog Tour hosted by Sunni of Made for Little Gents. This blog tour was sponsored by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. I was given a copy of the Alex and Anna Winter Pajamas for participating in this blog tour. (Also, if you scroll to the very bottom, you'll find a giveaway to enter to win credit for Peek-a-boo pattern shop).

I decided to use this blog tour as an opportunity to get Christmas Pajamas finished up early! 😉 I made a new set of super cute and cozy pajamas for my two boys and my little nephew. Unfortunately, the weather has NOT been cooperative lately, so we have pictures of these guys wearing their Christmas pajamas sitting on my bed. Not the best backdrop, but it'll do.

Aren't they adorable?

Let me tell you about this pattern:

This pattern is for knit pajamas. It includes sizes for children sizes 3 months all the way to children's size 12! It is rated for beginners. This pattern contains pattern pieces to make two piece pajamas…

Feeling Cozy in my Twin Peaks Cardigan by Winter Wear Designs

It's my day on the Winter Wear Designs Outerwear Blog tour! I'm so excited to share my new Twin Peaks Cardigan with you!!

I never feel like I have enough cardigans... I honestly haven't purchased one in YEARS! And... I have now made myself two for this fall, and of the two... this is my favorite! I'll tell you all about it and give you all the reasons I love it in my stop on the Outerwear Blog Tour!

Easy, Fast...
I have to admit... I thought the blog tour was NEXT WEEK, so I was last minute sewing my cardigan up! I was excited to make it, but it was pushed to the back burner while I finished up Halloween Costumes and other fall clothes for the kiddos. But I took a much -needed break from the kids' sewing to make this for myself! 
I have figured out exactly what adjustments I need for my body when using Winter Wear Designs patterns, which makes me SO HAPPY, because it makes the process of trying a new pattern so easy and so fun! I knew immediately that I would likely…