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A Perfect Party Outfit -- Mamma Can Do It Style

Y'all, my baby is ONE!

Happy Birthday Luke!!

He is my sweet little love. πŸ’—πŸ’— A big 25 lbs, happy, still doesn't sleep through the night, but oh well. He loves food, loves nursing, loves his mama, daddy, and big brother. He is able to walk, but crawling is his preferred method of getting around (he can get there faster πŸ˜‰). He's been taking steps now for two months... you would think he'd prefer walking by now. 🀷 He loves playing with big brother's toys. He loves cars, trains, and dinosaurs, just like Daniel.

He is so cute playing with the dinosaurs... he holds them and growls. I think he learned that from Daniel too! haha

So for his first birthday party, we decided to have him a dinosaur theme party. We have ordered a dinosaur cake, bought bright, colorful decorations, and are so excited!

His Outfit:

I knew I wanted to make him something fun, and thought I would need to go to the fabric store. But, I started going through my old scraps the other day, and found this dinosaur fabric that I used for shorts for Daniel last year... It's perfect. The dinosaurs are bright green, and I have this perfect green solid cotton/lycra fabric for a tee shirt. YAY!

But patterns... what to use. I'm loving my Mamma Can Do It Patterns lately, so I decided to take a look at her shop. 😊

The Bottoms

The first pattern that caught my attention was her Baby Bloomers Sewing Pattern. The pattern is SO CUTE, but it's really for girls because of the way the leg elastic is done, it ruffles out on the legs. But I love a little boy in bloomers. Babies with their sweet little chubby legs just look adorable in bloomers, so I decided to modify the pattern a tad to work for a boy. It was an easy modification (I just cased the leg elastic in the hem). Easy, easy.

I tried them on, and it's love. He looked so proud when I first put them on him!

Doesn't he look cute and happy? ;-)

The Top

Now I needed some sort of shirt. I looked around the Mamma Can Do It shop, because why not make the whole outfit from one pattern designer? I chose the Baby Fitted Tee. It went together easily as well, and I think it looks so cute on him! πŸ˜‰

After I cut all of the pieces, I added an applique before sewing. I prefer to applique just the front of a tee shirt before it's put together, because I don't have to worry about keeping everything out of the way if I do it this way.

I chose colors that matched the colors in the fabric for the bloomers, and I chose a dinosaur design from the Etsy Shop "Southern Baby Classics." And they have some REALLY CUTE designs. This was my first time using one of theirs.

Here is the link to the design, for those interested


The patterns I used from Mamma Can Do It are some of her older "legacy" patterns. They are wonderful patterns, but don't have all of the new, fancy features she is including in her newer ones (layers, expanded size chart, etc).

Her sizing chart for these patterns is similar to Ready-to-Wear or store-bought clothing. I chose a size 12-18 month for Luke, and this was perfect!

How Did They Go Together?

The pattern pieces matched up perfectly, and there were really great photo instructions included for both the bloomers and the tee. But do keep in mind, that I didn't totally follow the instructions for the bloomers to make them more suitable for a boy. πŸ˜‰

The sleeves for the baby tee were cut on fold. The shirt has a slightly curved hemline (SO CUTE!) I hadn't seen another baby pattern with this hemline.

The bloomers are two pieces (a front and back piece). They have a side seam. They have separate rises for the front and back, and separate crotch curves for front and back. This leads to a GREAT FIT!

The Fit

The tee shirt is definitely a slim fit (as I would expect based on the name of the pattern). It has a high neckline, and is ADORABLE!

The bloomers have a roomy fit, with elastic at the waist and legs. They have plenty of room to fit over cloth diapers!

Will I Use These Again?

Most definitely! I'm slightly obsessed with the bloomers. HA. But for real, you can only dress little boys in bloomers for so long, so I might as well while he's still small enough, right?

Check these Patterns Out for Yourself!

If you've never visited the Mamma Can Do It site before, you TOTALLY SHOULD! She has so much amazing stuff! She's been around for a while, and has quite a few patterns. Her older patterns are wonderful, but as I mentioned before, don't have all of the features of the new ones. But the price point is FANTASTIC!

Her new patterns are PHENOMENAL. There is so much to love about them. For real.

Check out my affiliate links for these below:

Her site:

The bloomers:

The tee:

Thanks for Reading! Please come follow me on Instagram, if you don't already. I'd LOVE to see what YOU make!


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