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Vacation Ready - A Couple of Winter Wear Designs Favorites

This month's Winter Wear Design's Blog Tour is "Poolside." I contemplated for a few minutes whether I would have time to sew and blog about it with all of my other obligations (Vacation Bible School, getting the house in order before vacation), but ultimately, I REALLY wanted to, so I signed up. Upon finishing my sewing, I realized, I probably, actually did NOT have time for this, hahaha But at least I got a new outfit (that I LOVE) for vacation!

I wasn't initially sure what I wanted to do with this theme. We go swimming some, but I have a couple of bathing suits, and that's really all I need for right now. And, I've never really used swim cover ups. I usually go straight from the house to the pool, and then to the shower, so as cute as a cover up would have been, I just probably wouldn't use it. I hate to spend precious sewing time making something that won't really get much wear, so I decided to get a little creative! I chose to make a fun, new outfit that could totally be worn "poolside" or at the beach, or anywhere! I chose to use the new Endless Summer Shorts and the Tidewater Tee.

Now, let me tell you about both of these amazing patterns! 

The Endless Summer Shorts

So let me be honest about something... I've never really liked shorts. In fact, until this summer, I probably hadn't worn shorts in eight or so years! But, it's hot in Louisiana, and playing outside with toddlers and wearing dresses isn't always the most practical choice, so I bought two pairs of shorts for this summer. Then, I saw these, and they were so cute on all of the testers. I wasn't initially sure that I'd like them because they have an elastic waist, and I really thought I'd be happier with a side zip or zip fly, but like I said, they looked great on all of the testers, so I decided to give them a try.

This pattern features an elastic waist (as I mentioned). It has a separate waistband piece, and gives instructions on adding buttonholes for a drawstring. Alternatively, you could also choose to add grommets, but I used buttonholes as directed. The pattern suggests using an elastic width of between 1/2" and 1", but I used 1" and thought it was perfect! I personally wouldn't go any narrower for myself. 

The pattern has optional pockets, but I definitely used them. Because, they're easy to add, and why not have pockets in your shorts?

Image borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Website
You have some choices for finishing the legs... You can have a regular hem, lace hem, or cuffed hem. I chose to add a cuffed him because I like the look of it, and it adds a little length. If you choose to sew up the shorts pattern as written (without adding a cuff or lace), you will have a 2.5" inseam. I'm not a fan of super short shorts on myself. There is a "lengthen line" included in the pattern. If you want to add length, you can cut along this line to do so. That way you won't affect the overall shape of your shorts. I did add a little length to my shorts, because I wanted them to be longer.  Overall, I really love the shape of the shorts, the fit, and the length I have. I'm really happy with my pair!

The Tidewater Tee

I chose to make the Tidewater tee for my top for this outfit. I was drawn to it because it looks easy to wear, like a basic tee, but the back sets it apart.

From the front, it appears that you're wearing a regular, everyday tee, but when you turn around, it's definitely attention-getting. The bottom of the shirt has a "U" shaped cutout that is hemmed with a yoke at the top.

You have the choice of a shallow scoop neck or a deep scoop neck. I chose to use the shallow scoop neck, because I don't like my tops being too low. You have sleeve choices of short sleeve, tulip sleeve, or cold shoulder, and I used regular short sleeves. The top is semi fitted. It fits at the bust but isn't too clingy at the waist, which I like.

Image borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Website

The Fabric I Used

My shorts were made using basic quilting cotton from Wal-Mart's fabric section. I saw this print, and fell in love. I bought two yards of it with no plans on what I would use it for. But,  I  knew I wanted to sew something for me. This pattern was perfect. You can use any woven fabric for these shorts, just keep in mind that some fabrics have better drape and will lay more nicely or fit a little differently. 

I made my top using Double Brushed Poly from KnitPop. I like the weight and feel of their double brushed poly. I'm not sure what the difference is, but it feels slightly thinner and cooler than some of the others I have used in the past. And, their solid DBP is priced lower than many of the others I have found! You can see it here (

Making Swimwear

So, obviously, I didn't make swimwear for this Poolside tour, but I can totally see these fabrics made out of swim fabric as well!

For instance, I think the Tidewater tee would make the cutest rashguard ever if you made it using swim fabric. Honestly, I wish I had that thought before my trip.... I probably would have tried it! 

The shorts could most definitely be sewn using a boardshort fabric to wear over swim bottoms in the pool. 

OR, you could make both in french terry or something lightweight and quick drying to use as a swim cover-up. The options with these patterns are nearly limitless! 

Recap Of These Patterns

The Shorts:

  • 2.5" inseam with option to add a cuff or lace to the hem for extra length
  • lengthen line included
  • easy front pockets
  • pretty pocket detail (optional)
  • optional drawstring
  • separate waistband piece
  • elastic waist 
  • great fit
  • illustrated/photo instructions
  • easy to sew, comfy to wear
  • shallow or deep scoop neck
  • pretty cutout in the back
  • back yoke piece
  • illustrated/ photo instructions
  • easy to sew
  • semi-fitted and comfortable 
Now go, check out these fabulous patterns! Be sure to come share what you make in the Winter Wear Designs Facebook Group! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

If you don't already, come follow me on Instagram! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!!

***I have included my affiliate links throughout this post! If you are interested in purchasing through one of my affiliate links, you can find them below as well 😊***

Be sure to check out all of the other posts on this Poolside Blog Tour! Several ladies made some really beautiful things! 😍

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  1. Absolutely love your outfit, and your tips for making these outfits in 'swim-able' fabrics too - How awesome!!!! <3

    1. Thank you! <3 I may try making a rash guard for next summer! I Love this top! It's so fun!


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