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Making an Applique

How I Make an Applique So... I have a combination sewing/ embroidery machine. Obviously, I can use it for adding an applique to things, however, I mostly add appliques to my kids' clothes. Daniel is rapidly growing, but unfortunately my 4"x4" hoop size is not. At some point, I'd like to upgrade to a machine with a larger hoop size, but until then, the designs are looking smaller and smaller on his clothes. My solution: make my own appliques! I've also been frustrated at times, not wanting to get everything out to convert my machine, not being able to find a design quite like I had envisioned, and obviously, not being able to stitch larger designs. So, several weeks back, I set out to make my own applique design for the first time. Daniel had requested a dinosaur shirt for his birthday. I didn't want a tiny dinosaur in the middle of a shirt. And, I wanted a dinosaur with balloons. That's specific. I don't have software for embroidery, and it was

A Little About Me!

Hi, I'm Laura!   I am a mama of two boys, Daniel and Luke. They are my world! You'll probably see them A LOT here, because I plan to share a lot of my sewing projects and creations. They are the primary reason I sew!      I enjoy  sewing, pattern testing,  trying new things,  cooking, and trying new recipes,   so I thought it might be  fun  to write about these things! This will be my blog to share things I make – whether it be foo d or clothes.    I want to give credit to my sister, Leah. A good many of the pictures that I share will be  by her ! She started taking pictures of my babies when they were born, and aims to take a good picture of all of the kids every week, so we usually get plenty of photos of the kids wearing the things I make. It has been fun!    I really got into sewing shortly after Daniel was born. I wanted to learn how to sew cloth diapers. I made some diapers, and somehow found out about the sewing world on Facebook, and it has been