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Feeling Fancy - Wearing the La Croix Cross Back Top by Winter Wear Designs

Do you ever put something on and immediately just feel fancy?  Maybe it's because I usually dress pretty simple, and I wear a lot of solids, but I finished this top and just felt fancy when I tried it on! Let me introduce you to La Croix Cross Back Top by Winter Wear Designs.  I tried it out as a part of the Top It Off Blog Tour hosted by Winter Wear Designs.  This is a pretty neat top... know why? It can be worn with the cross in the back OR the front. So really, the design is kinda fancy, right? 😉 When I first saw the top, I thought that it was so pretty. I knew I wanted to do the open back crossover. Since I'm nursing my baby, I thought the crossover would be convenient to wear in the front for easy nursing this summer. Well, when I tried it on, I was a little surprised, because I like it a lot better with the cross over in the back. But it's nice to have choices, right? This top has quite a few options, and it's really very flattering too! Be sure t

The Mamma Can Do It Adalynn

I just tried out a new pattern, and it is LOVE. I used to sew only for my kids, but then I made myself a few things and I'm ruined. 🤣 I'm in love with the fit I get and the fabric choices. And the price. I get a dress that I love for half the price of one I would find in a department store. And I have the satisfaction of sewing it! This is another Mamma Can Do It pattern. I discovered Mamma Can Do It a while ago when I was learning to sew diapers. I found her diaper pattern and tutorial book on Amazon and purchased it. Then more recently, when she made a Facebook Group , I immediately started following her, trying some of her other patterns, and soon joined her testing and promotional team! This pattern is her newest release, the Adalynn Dress . I i nitially did not sign up to test the pattern because I'm still nursing Luke, and with the type of dress this is, I didn't see any ability to use it for nursing. BUT, after testing was complete, and I started seeing peo