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The Double Take Tank by Winter Wear Designs

I'm loving woven fabrics! Quite a few of my summer items in my closet (things that I purchased several years back) were made from woven fabrics. I love these items because they're cool and breathable for hot weather. But when I started sewing, I found that pretty knits were easy to find. Not only could I easily get pretty double brushed poly or cotton lycra, but I could also very easily find sewing patterns that I liked drafted for knit fabrics. It seemed, in Facebook sewing groups, like everyone was sewing knit fabrics. Knits were just more popular for a while. Thankfully, recently, quite a few designers are coming out with new woven designs. And, I think everyone was ready!

The woven pattern I'm showing you today is the new woven tank by Winter Wear Designs. Meet the new Double Take Tank! The name Suzanne chose is perfect for this pattern, and you'll see why!

The Pattern:
This pattern is drafted for woven fabrics. You'll want to use something with good drape for th…

The V-Ery Sparkly V-Neck

So I've had this pattern for a while. In fact, I actually tested it last summer, but I never did blog about it. And, it's absolutely a favorite of mine, so I really HAD to share it with you guys! This is the V-ery Sparkly V-Neck Dress by A Sparkly Baby! I really love A Sparkly Baby Patterns. They'll always hold a special place in my heart, because this is the first company that I ever pattern tested for a few years ago, and I REALLY enjoyed it. I always have a good experience when I test for Taryn, and it's always fun. She's easy going, and always welcomes feedback. She will make necessary changes and continue working on a pattern for as long as it takes. She really gives her all and her best every time. I've seen how much love and hard work she puts into what she makes, and I love that about her!

Let me tell you about this pattern in particular though. The pattern has A LOT of options. You'll see them in the graphic I borrowed from her listing below. You c…

Dressing for Comfort in the Mamma Can Do It Adalynn

Who loves wearing comfortable clothes? EVERYONE, right?
I love dressing comfortably, but I've never been a fan of wearing tees and yoga pants everywhere... I just like to look a little more "put-together." So, when I made my first Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress, it was LOVE. This dress is so comfortable to wear, you'll feel like you're wearing a nightgown. In fact, I asked my mama a few times, "I don't look like I'm wearing a nightgown, do I?" I didn't want to go out looking like I was dressed for bed. HA! But I was assured that I did not look like I was wearing a gown, and I received quite a few compliments on my first Adalynn, so I decided to make more!

Comfortable for All Seasons

You can really dress for ANY season with this pattern. It has long, 3/4 sleeve, and short sleeve options, and if you're handy with pattern-hacking, there are plenty of other opportunities if you use this as a base pattern. 😉

I made my first Adalynn in Februar…

Fabric Love! Sewing the Bamboo Fabric from Nature's Fabrics

What do you think when you hear "stripes." I think of uniform, every stripe is the same size, there is the same distance between all of them, it's uniform, all the same, on repeat... and maybe a little boring...

Nope, that's not the case with these beautiful Bamboo Spandex Stripes from Nature's Fabrics. I have fallen in love with bamboo fabric. Who knew it would be so soft, so comfortable to wear, and so easy to sew? I certainly didn't!

Sewing the Bamboo

I have sewn with quite a few different types of fabrics, and for the longest, I was a bit nervous to try out the bamboo for apparel, because for some reason, I had the misconception that it would be slinky and hard to sew. But now that I've finally given it a try, I have to admit that I was wrong! It sews up just like cotton spandex, but maybe didn't roll as much.

So, I definitely wouldn't hesitate to purchase Bamboo Spandex in the future! It's nice to sew!

Wearing the Bamboo

So I've honestl…

Vacation Ready - A Couple of Winter Wear Designs Favorites

This month's Winter Wear Design's Blog Tour is "Poolside." I contemplated for a few minutes whether I would have time to sew and blog about it with all of my other obligations (Vacation Bible School, getting the house in order before vacation), but ultimately, I REALLY wanted to, so I signed up. Upon finishing my sewing, I realized, I probably, actually did NOT have time for this, hahaha But at least I got a new outfit (that I LOVE) for vacation!

I wasn't initially sure what I wanted to do with this theme. We go swimming some, but I have a couple of bathing suits, and that's really all I need for right now. And, I've never really used swim cover ups. I usually go straight from the house to the pool, and then to the shower, so as cute as a cover up would have been, I just probably wouldn't use it. I hate to spend precious sewing time making something that won't really get much wear, so I decided to get a little creative! I chose to make a fun, new …

More than a Basic Tee -- The Primary Tee with Fabric Applique

I'm excited to be participating in the Change Up the Tee Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents. This month, several ladies sewed basic tees for their boys, but hacked these tees to be a little more than basic. This blog tour was sponsored by GYCT Patterns. For this blog tour, I used the Primary Tee for the first time.  I was really excited to try it out, because, let's face it, I love new patterns. I'm ALWAYS excited to try out a new pattern. 😉

So as the title of our blog tour suggests, I was supposed to change up this basic tee. I really enjoy putting appliques on shirts. They're super cute, easy to do, and make basic tee shirts stand apart. I have an embroidery machine that I LOVE using for appliques, but sometimes my creative side likes to make them myself. So I decided to make an applique for a tee shirt.

I'll tell you all about my experiences with the pattern and making the applique below! 😊
The Primary Tee by GYCT Patterns: I referred to the Primary Tee