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The Staple Skirt by Winter Wear Designs

I've had this pattern since release. I've wanted to make it since release, but kept putting it off. Why? Because I knew it would take a little while to sew. I'm going to be honest though, it took a little while, but didn't take a long time. I really should have made it before now!

**Disclaimer - I have included my affiliate link to these patterns in this post. If you choose to purchase, it will not affect what you pay, I'll just receive a small percentage commision of the sale**

With Suzanne announcing the Sew Yourself Some Love Blog Tour, I decided that now is the perfect time to make this pattern I've been waiting to find time to make!

This is my Staple Skirt by Winter Wear Designs. I'm glad I finally made it! I love it so much!

Let's talk about this pattern:

This pattern is designed for non-stretch fabrics. You could use a denim or a twill or similar fabric without stretch or with a maximum of about 10% stretch.

It comes with a great tutorial with draw…

Angel's by CKC

The sleeves are what drew me in! I loved the look of the pleats and the fullness on the shoulders. It is such an easy sew, because it's a basic tee shirt with as Shannon has called it, "extra" sleeves!

This is CKC Angel's!
It really is so cute and so quick!
All About the Pattern:
This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. You can use just about any knit fabric, but keep in mind that the more stable the fabric you use, the more structure you'll have on the sleeves (something like liverpool or ponte would be AMAZING). You can choose to make a top length or a dress length. The dress is a basic knit, tee shirt dress (swing dress style). The top is a semi-fitted tee. You can choose to sew either the crew neckline or the scoop neck. The sleeves are pleated down each side towards the armscye and have a dart at the top to help hold the shape. My Top:
I sewed the top length for this pattern. Based on my measurements, I chose a size small, and I'm happy with the fit. My t…

The Annelaine Patterns All Seasons Dolman

Have you ever made a dolman top? If you're new to sewing apparel, I'd recommend starting with a dolman style top... they're easy to put together and fast to sew. There are no set-in sleeves, which makes them an easy, quick project.

I have been eyeing the Annelaine All Seasons Dolman for a WHILE... like since it released I think. I love the look of it, and really kind of wanted to try it. Primarily, I LOVE the front tie. It's really cute, and appears to be a pretty popular look right now.
Well... when Amelia Lane Designs (your next favorite fabric shop) and Annelaine Patterns decided to team up for Valentine's Day, I knew it was destiny. I HAD to make the All Seasons with some oh-so-gorgeous Amelia Lane Designs DBP.
Let me tell you about the fabric!
This is some super soft two-tone double brushed poly fabric. This is the two-tone red fabric, and it really is so beautiful! I LOVE the color of it and how it feels. It is made with 96% polyester and 4% lycra. It has very…