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From Inspiration to Creation -- the Magnolia by Winter Wear Designs!

I've never owned a cowl neck top. Until this week, I had never made one, and I'm pretty sure I've never bought one. I'm beginning to learn that my previous wardrobe might have been slightly dull. 🤣 Mostly basic tees and church dresses! But, I'm stepping out and trying new things!

So for this month's Winter Wear Designs Blog Tour, the theme was "Hack-a-Thon." I would need to "hack" a Winter Wear Designs pattern to make my vision a reality! I visited Pinterest and Google Images for inspiration. I felt like I wanted to do something with a cowl neck, but what would I do?
My Inspiration: I searched Pinterest and Google Images for ideas. I searched sweaters, swing dresses, cowl necks to see if I could get some inspiration for my next sew. I saved quite a few to a women's sewing inspiration board I have. 
Here are a few of my inspiration photos:
This is a beautiful, striped, cowl neckline sweater from Poshmark.
Then a pretty sweater from A Pea …

The Hepburn Pants by Wardrobe by Me

I've been sewing for about three and a half years, and didn't really even try pants until this year. I wanted to try sooner, but became intimidated when I saw Facebook posts about fit issues, how to adjust patterns, what kinds of fabric worked best, etc. There is so much to take into account when you want sew pants! I got my courage up earlier this year to make my first pair of jeans, and I'm glad I did, because although they are nowhere near perfect, they gave me the courage to try all sorts of new things. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? I think this applies to life AND sewing too! 😉
I honestly don't have that many pairs of pants. I have pants that are YEARS old. Like from WAY before Daniel was born, and then I've got jeans and leggings I've bought since he was born, but the jeans are even getting worn out. Story of a stay at home mama. I just didn't feel like I could justify buying a lot of pants since I'm not working, and since…

The Xanadu Dolman by Pickle Toes Patterns

I like sewing dolman style tops. They're fast, easy to put together, no inset sleeves to worry with. I have a secret though... I've never worn one with long sleeves. I have only used the "short sleeve" that is part of the main bodice pattern. So, I wasn't sure if I would like the "sleeves." Well, I saw the Pickle Toes Xanadu Dolman and all the options that it came with, and I was in love with the pattern. 😍 I had to have one! And since we are headed into fall, I knew that either 3/4 or long sleeves would be my friend. It was inevitable... I had to try it, and hopefully I would like it.

The Pattern: 

You can see the listing to purchase the pattern here. This is a beautiful dolman style top with many options you can choose from. The pattern includes a beautiful yoke with gathered neckline - so different from most of the other knit patterns you'll find. The options you can choose from when sewing this pattern are a regular straight hem (that has the op…

Out of My Comfort Zone -- CKC Jayla's

I've never worn a cold shoulder top before. I see other women wearing them, and they're cute, but not for me, right? I had some misconception that they were really more for the kids and teenagers, and I haven't had a cold shoulder pattern really capture my attention before. I've made one cold shoulder top for my 13 year old cousin previously, but that's it.

That was it, until I saw the newest cold shoulder top by CKC Patterns. Meet CKC Jayla's. You want to know what got my attention? The hemline. I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone and tested a cold shoulder top because of the hemline!
I loved the hemline for the tunic length! It is long enough to wear with leggings, which I know I will love this fall! The pretty hemline helped me get over myself and make my first cold shouldered top! 😉 And I'm glad I got over myself and tried it!

The Options:

You can obviously sew this pretty tunic length like I made, or you can make it top length. The top leng…

Reversible Romper by Mamma Can Do It

Aren't reversible clothes so cool? I think they are, at least. I love that I'm putting two outfits in the closet on one hanger. And it's pretty much the same sewing time as ONE item, but I'm getting TWO items. I'm a huge fan of reversible clothes, especially for the little guys.

So let me tell you about one of my favorite reversible patterns for summer! This is the Reversible Romper by Mamma Can Do It! I had seen it on her website a while ago, but didn't actually try it for the first time until I was making Luke's Easter outfit. And, it was LOVE. Since I loved it so, I also made reversible rompers for my sweetie and my nephew to wear for beach pictures. It's just a great pattern! Let me tell you about it.

This Pattern:

As it's name suggests, the reversible romper, is fully lined and REVERSIBLE. You can wear either side out for a really cute outfit. The pattern includes front and back bodice pieces and separate shorts pieces. There are side seams, but…