Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Real Deal -- I sewed JEANS!

Yep, look at 'em. They're the REAL DEAL.... The Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs, that is.

Most people start out the new year with some sort of "resolution" or goal. Maybe they're going to exercise more, eat healthier, be more organized, or whatever.

My main goal at the beginning of 2018 was to sew jeans. But I was a little afraid. I wasn't afraid of the actual sewing, but I was afraid that if I spent a lot of time and money on fabrics that I would sew them, try them on, and have the worst fit ever. I really didn't want to ruin good fabric.

So here we are... I'm sewing jeans as part of the Just Jean Blog Tour hosted by Winter Wear Designs. '

Muslin, or lack thereof...

A couple of years ago, there was a Real Deal Jean Sewalong hosted in the Winter Wear Designs group. I eagerly decided to participate. I got my pattern, had my fabric, and set out on my jean-making journey by making my "muslin." If you've never sewn before, this is a term used to describe your first try at a pattern that you use to alter fit, figure out pattern adjustments that you need, etc. You are supposed to use a fabric similar to the fabric you are planning to use for your finished garment. And, ideally, you want to use an inexpensive fabric, so that if your "muslin" isn't wearable (most of the time it's not) you haven't lost much.

Now if you go to your fabric store, you'll probably see fabric labeled as "muslin." This is perfect for a muslin - it's ugly and inexpensive, however it would be SO WRONG to use for a muslin for these pants. Why is that? Well, remember how we want our muslin fabric to be similar to the fabrin we are using for our actual garment? This fabric has NO STRETCH, and these jeans are designed to be made with stretch denim. You're not going to get a good fit, and you're not even going to get a similar fit to what you will get when you sew them from stretch denim. Definitely pay attention!

So, I made this muslin a couple of years ago. Basically, I was pretty pleased with the fit, but decided that I could go down a size. So I reprinted my pattern, cut out all of my pieces, and SQUIRREL! Ha! I got distracted, a tiny bit, for two years almost. 🤣 I signed up for a pattern test and bailed on the sew along. And, never got back to it.

When Suzanne announced that she was doing this blog tour, I knew it was time to complete my jean making goal!

I sort of waited to the last minute (the week before) to make them, and because my measurements were similar (possibly the same?) to what they were last time, I decided to go with it since I had been pleased with the fit of my muslin before. I could have made a new "muslin," but my problem is that I don't even have an eye for seeing the fit problems that most people talk about. I don't know what it is, but I just don't see it. It either fits and feels good, or it doesn't. I'm sure I would notice if something looked horrible, but for most things, I just don't notice. 🤷

So, going by my measurements, my waist and high hip fit into a 4, and my full hip fit into a 6. I thought that since I decided to size down last time, I must have made a 6 and decided a 4 would be good, so I started with a size 4. Now that I've made them, based on how much I took them in, I now remember that I started with a 4 and decided I could have sewn a 2. Oh well, I still LOVE THEM!

The Process...

Sewing jeans sounds crazy hard. But, it's really not. It is a time-consuming project, and fitting can be hard (especially if you're picky or know what you're looking for 🤣), but I wouldn't consider the actual sewing to be very advanced.

Suzanne has wonderful instructions, that you can always expect from Winter Wear Designs. There are plenty of photos and drawings to help you with every step.

So, like I said, this is a fairly time consuming project, especially if you're working it in around naptime, nighttime, and the very few minutes kids are actually entertained with something safe (the last one is rare). So maybe if you actually have a couple of long-ish stretches to devote to sewing these, it wouldn't be so bad. 😉

Why is it time consuming?

Well once you cut out your pieces, you'll see why. There are SO MANY PIECES. You have four waistband pieces (two of main fabric, two of lining), your key pocket piece, your six main pocket pieces, your two back pockets, your two yokes, your fly pieces, your front and back pant legs. It's just a lot of pieces to work with.

Look at all of those pieces!!! 
Now, go look at a pair of jeans you own. Look at all that detail. The beautiful topstitching around the pockets, the inseam, everywhere. It takes time! And, it takes jean topstitching thread. And your jean top stitching thread is very thick, so you'll need a jean/ denim needle for using that. So, during construction, I was changing my needle and thread out constantly. If you have two sewing machines, you're so lucky, because you could leave one set up for topstitching and the other for construction. 😉 I kept thinking throughout my whole process that I wished I had a second machine to do that!

Don't skip the topstitching though... it makes them look amazing and more authentic! They actually look like real jeans when you do it! They're really the REAL DEAL!

My Jeans & The Fit:

So as I mentioned, my waist and high hip fit exactly into a 4. My hip was barely into a six, and because of the stretch of the denim, I decided to make a size 4. I took them in a bit in the hips and several inches in the waist, so when I sew them again, I'll definitely try sizing down.

It's possible that I like my jeans more fitted than the pattern is intended, so I made them more fitted to suit my taste.

The pattern is also supposed to be a regular, straight leg jean. When I tried them on, I wasn't really feeling the straight leg for me. All of my other jeans are bootcut or flare, so I decided to try something new and make them skinny legs. I didn't make them too skinny though, just tapered them in a bit until I was happy. I used this blog post to help me figure it out.

My Fabric: 

I used this fabric from Joanns. It's a nice stretch denim. I actually made my little boy some pants with it last year, and they were so soft. I LOVED them and wanted to make him more but never could find this fabric again. I felt so lucky when I found it at Joanns. But as you can see the price tag is HIGH. You can find much better-priced fabric in online shops, or you can always wait for a sale or coupon at Joann's. Never pay full price at Joann's. There is ALWAYS a sale or coupon you can find!

This is a super soft stretch denim -- 20% stretch , 11 oz, 61% cotton, 31% modal, 6% polyester, and 2% spandex. I LOVE the feel of this!

I did buy the three yards recommended by the pattern, even though I felt like it was more than necessary. I didn't want to run out and not be able to find what I needed to finish. So, after cutting them out, I realized that it was definitely more than necessary. However, if you get your 3 yards, that should give you PLENTY to make your muslin first in the same fabric, if you want. If you don't need to, you could probably get a pair of full length and a pair of capris or shorts.

I used the instructions included in the pattern to figure out the amount of stretch it has. The pattern recommends between 10% and 20% stretch. My fabric had right at 20%. She recommends that if your fabric has a higher stretch percentage that you size down.

Some Things I Like About This Pattern:
  • As I mentioned, there are wonderful instructions and pictures to help you with every step of your jean-making journey.
  • It now has LAYERS! This is new, and was updated last week. You're lucky if you caught Suzanne's $3 Thursday sale, but if you missed it, they're still worth it. 😉 They're on sale for the blog tour too!
  • Suzanne includes "Pause" points during her pattern to help you with fit. This forces you to try them on before moving forward to help you get your best fit.
  • There is a wonderful facebook group you can come to for help and support! 
  • I felt so accomplished when I finished sewing them!!!
  • You have different cut lines/ different length options- there are multiple inseam lengths for shorts, capris, and pants included so you don't have to figure all of that out yourself. 
SO GRAB THEM NOW! Make your own jeans! It's fun, and you'll feel so accomplished when you finish them!

In my photos, I have paired my jeans with a Winter Wear Designs Top too! This is the new Outer Banks Boatneck Tee. Maybe you'd like to check it out as well. Or check out my blog post about it.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading my post! 💓 If you don't already, come follow me on Instagram! I'd love to see what you make!

**I have included affiliate links to these products in this post. If you are influenced to purchase based on my review, I would SO appreciate you using my affiliate link :)**

Go check out all of the others on the Just Jean Blog Tour! 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Boatneck Bliss! The Winter Wear Designs Outer Banks Boatneck Tee is HERE!

Sometimes things in life work out PERFECTLY ... Like how my favorite new boatneck tee came to be 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking that I'd really love a boatneck pattern. I have an old boatneck tee I purchased from Target years ago, and I love it. But it's 3 /4 length sleeves, and Louisiana is too hot in the summer for that! And I only have one. So I started looking at pattern options. Then, Suzanne with Winter Wear Designs mentioned that she was working on a Boatneck Pattern for women. What?? YAY!

As soon as the tester call went up, I happily applied! 

Let me tell you about testing...

Suzanne assigned our sizes based on measurements but wanted us to figure out among ourselves who from each size was sewing which options. She wanted to make sure she had all of her bases covered. I originally really wanted to do the cap short sleeve, because, as I mentioned, I live in Louisiana, and the HEAT! 🌞 But someone in my size had already chosen a short cap sleeve when I checked the testing group. My other options were 3/4 sleeve or this bishop sleeve. Well, I didn't really think I liked the bishop sleeve... I mean it's great for other people, but not ME! I thought I'd prefer something simple that didn't stand out so much. But like I mentioned, I really wanted a short sleeve, so I reluctantly said I would sew the bishop sleeve in top length. 

When you test, you sometimes sew multiple items so that the designer can get the fit just right. So you don't typically go in with a fabric that you absolutely love to begin with, because it may not be your perfect fit.

I've had this striped fabric from Joann Fabric for probably close to three years. I purchased it with a specific pattern in mind, but when I got home, I just wasn't sure about it... was this fabric made for little girls? I didn't think it would look good on me, and I couldn't picture anything being sewn in it. So, I just folded it and held onto it.

So, for version #1, I decided to grab this striped fabric. I have no idea what the fabric content is, but based on the drape, stretch, and recovery, I'd guess, there's a little rayon in there and some spandex. 😉 The top went together easily, and the instructions were VERY GOOD! I reluctantly attached my "bishop" sleeves, and finished it up. And... IT WAS LOVE 💗 I actually love the fabric! I really love the sleeves too, so much that I chose to do the same sleeves on my next version! I submitted fit pictures, and Suzanne made a few changes, but my first top is totally wearable... and I may have already worn it out two or three times! 

And, I totally didn't notice that my necklace was twisted when we took these ;) lol

There were a couple of more versions in testing after this version to get the fit just right! I made two more. One for me, and one for my sister. Her measurements are almost the exact same as mine, but unfortunately, we didn't have time to get a picture yet! 

The Pattern:

You'll find this beautiful pattern here.

On the website, you'll see quite a few tester images, so you can get an idea of what it looks like on all sizes and body types!

Borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Site, you can see some of the options below.
Your options for this pattern include a facing, an exposed facing, or bound neckline. You have cap/short sleeves, bishop sleeves, and 3/4 length sleeves. Towards the end of testing, Suzanne chose to add in a long sleeve option, so you'll have those as well! There is a top length and a tunic length, and markings for optional side ruching. SO MANY OPTIONS!

Have you ever made a Winter Wear Pattern before? Suzanne includes wonderful instructions for making pattern adjustments for different body types, if you need any pattern adjustments. I haven't seen this in other patterns, but it's a Winter Wear Designs feature that I love!!

In fact, I'm thinking that when I sew it again, I need to follow one of her adjustments to get my best fit for the neckline! I had the slightest bit of gapping, and I know that making a minor adjustment could give me my perfect fit, and that's why we sew, right?

My Final Version:

I used a cotton spandex fabric from Purple Seamstress. I got my size out of one yard. You can't beat $6.50 + a little sewing time for a new cute top!

I have a top length, faced neckline, with bishop sleeves. I wanted top length to wear with skirts and jeans this summer. But after seeing the tunic length with leggings on another tester, I do think I'll need one of those too! 

Just a Little Overview:
  • Boatneck Tee
  • Rated Beginner to Advanced beginner depending on which options you choose
  • Great photo instructions and line drawings to help you finish every step!
  • Wonderful instructions on different pattern adjustments you may need to fit your body properly 
  • Support from the designer and others in the Facebook Group
  • Only $5!!!
This top pattern has an amazing price of only $5!! You won't want to miss out! 💓💓

**I have posted my affiliate link for this pattern throughout this blog post**

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Perfect Party Outfit -- Mamma Can Do It Style

Y'all, my baby is ONE!

Happy Birthday Luke!!

He is my sweet little love. 💗💗 A big 25 lbs, happy, still doesn't sleep through the night, but oh well. He loves food, loves nursing, loves his mama, daddy, and big brother. He is able to walk, but crawling is his preferred method of getting around (he can get there faster 😉). He's been taking steps now for two months... you would think he'd prefer walking by now. 🤷 He loves playing with big brother's toys. He loves cars, trains, and dinosaurs, just like Daniel.

He is so cute playing with the dinosaurs... he holds them and growls. I think he learned that from Daniel too! haha

So for his first birthday party, we decided to have him a dinosaur theme party. We have ordered a dinosaur cake, bought bright, colorful decorations, and are so excited!

His Outfit:

I knew I wanted to make him something fun, and thought I would need to go to the fabric store. But, I started going through my old scraps the other day, and found this dinosaur fabric that I used for shorts for Daniel last year... It's perfect. The dinosaurs are bright green, and I have this perfect green solid cotton/lycra fabric for a tee shirt. YAY!

But patterns... what to use. I'm loving my Mamma Can Do It Patterns lately, so I decided to take a look at her shop. 😊

The Bottoms

The first pattern that caught my attention was her Baby Bloomers Sewing Pattern. The pattern is SO CUTE, but it's really for girls because of the way the leg elastic is done, it ruffles out on the legs. But I love a little boy in bloomers. Babies with their sweet little chubby legs just look adorable in bloomers, so I decided to modify the pattern a tad to work for a boy. It was an easy modification (I just cased the leg elastic in the hem). Easy, easy.

I tried them on, and it's love. He looked so proud when I first put them on him!

Doesn't he look cute and happy? ;-)

The Top

Now I needed some sort of shirt. I looked around the Mamma Can Do It shop, because why not make the whole outfit from one pattern designer? I chose the Baby Fitted Tee. It went together easily as well, and I think it looks so cute on him! 😉

After I cut all of the pieces, I added an applique before sewing. I prefer to applique just the front of a tee shirt before it's put together, because I don't have to worry about keeping everything out of the way if I do it this way.

I chose colors that matched the colors in the fabric for the bloomers, and I chose a dinosaur design from the Etsy Shop "Southern Baby Classics." And they have some REALLY CUTE designs. This was my first time using one of theirs.

Here is the link to the design, for those interested


The patterns I used from Mamma Can Do It are some of her older "legacy" patterns. They are wonderful patterns, but don't have all of the new, fancy features she is including in her newer ones (layers, expanded size chart, etc).

Her sizing chart for these patterns is similar to Ready-to-Wear or store-bought clothing. I chose a size 12-18 month for Luke, and this was perfect!

How Did They Go Together?

The pattern pieces matched up perfectly, and there were really great photo instructions included for both the bloomers and the tee. But do keep in mind, that I didn't totally follow the instructions for the bloomers to make them more suitable for a boy. 😉

The sleeves for the baby tee were cut on fold. The shirt has a slightly curved hemline (SO CUTE!) I hadn't seen another baby pattern with this hemline.

The bloomers are two pieces (a front and back piece). They have a side seam. They have separate rises for the front and back, and separate crotch curves for front and back. This leads to a GREAT FIT!

The Fit

The tee shirt is definitely a slim fit (as I would expect based on the name of the pattern). It has a high neckline, and is ADORABLE!

The bloomers have a roomy fit, with elastic at the waist and legs. They have plenty of room to fit over cloth diapers!

Will I Use These Again?

Most definitely! I'm slightly obsessed with the bloomers. HA. But for real, you can only dress little boys in bloomers for so long, so I might as well while he's still small enough, right?

Check these Patterns Out for Yourself!

If you've never visited the Mamma Can Do It site before, you TOTALLY SHOULD! She has so much amazing stuff! She's been around for a while, and has quite a few patterns. Her older patterns are wonderful, but as I mentioned before, don't have all of the features of the new ones. But the price point is FANTASTIC!

Her new patterns are PHENOMENAL. There is so much to love about them. For real.

Check out my affiliate links for these below:

Her site:

The bloomers:

The tee:

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Fun, Comfy, Easy -- The Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants for Boys

So, these pants are pretty amazing. Let me introduce you to the Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants for boys.

I'm sure you've already seen these, and you may have already seen many ladies raving about them, but this really is a great pattern! So many reasons to love them!

Let me tell you a little about them!

The Fit Worksheet

This pattern includes a wonderful size range, 2T all the way up to size 20! These are drafted specifically for boys. The pattern is intended to be used with a knit fabric with 40% stretch, but if this description doesn't match the fabric you're dying to use, you're in luck! Elizabeth has a WONDERFUL fit guide included in the pattern. It's really nothing short of AMAZING. But... remember how you always wondered if you'd really ever have to use that math you learned in school? Here is where it comes into play. 😉 You'll need to know how much stretch your fabric has (don't worry - she explains how to determine this), your child's measurements, and a calculator (unless you really want to do math haha). Using her formula and plugging in these numbers, you'll get a new adjusted size to make! She has instructions for increasing the rise of the pants too (you'll probably need to do this only if based on your fabric and adjusted measurements you have to use a different size - we want them to still come up high enough).

So, yes, these are drafted for knit fabrics, but do you have a stretch woven that you love? Some of the testers used these fabrics such as stretch denim or stretch twill with success! You just need a little stretch for ease of movement! 😎

For Daniel's pants, I used a French Terry I found at Joanns. It had about 50% stretch, but according to the fit worksheet, our starting measurement didn't change much, so he used the same size.

The Faux Fly

There is also a faux fly option. I've made a lot of things, but I had never done a faux fly before. It was SO EASY. Her instructions explain everything so well. She really doesn't leave you hanging on any step!


The Pockets

This pattern has optional front and back pockets. She even has a couple of different options for the back pockets. You can choose whatever you like to get your favorite look! I used front pockets and back pockets on Daniel's shorts. She recommends using a lighter weight fabric for the pocket lining so they're not as bulky. I used a jersey fabric on Daniel's front pocket lining, and used the same fabric as the pants on the pocket backing (the part that shows). The back pockets are sewn right sides together, then turned and put on the pants (they're 2 layers thick). So I chose to use a woven fabric for the "lining" piece that doesn't show and the main fabric for the "main" piece that does. I think this helps the pocket maintain its intended shape. Alternately, you might choose to add interfacing to the pockets to help with this!

The Waistband

The waistband is a simple elastic waistband. I TOTALLY prefer elastic waistbands for pants for kids. The yoga waistband may be comfy and easy, but I think elastic just stays up better. So I'm obviously a fan.

The Legs

You have a few options here too! She has a regular fit and a wide leg fit. She also has different lengths you can choose, bike length shorts, knee length shorts, and full pants. I chose to make knee length for Daniel, as we are rapidly moving into warmer weather!

Did I Mention Comfortable?

These pants are made from knit fabric, and knit fabric is just comfortable to wear! They're the perfect pants for wearing everyday, using for anything a little boy might get into. They're perfect for play!

So Much Support

When you purchase this pattern, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you can get all the help you need! This is a wonderful pattern, and the Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group is a GREAT place to find answers to your questions (and inspiration for more projects 😉).

If you have not visited the Mamma Can Do It blog yet, I urge you to check it out! You'll find MANY hacks to use for this pattern and other patterns!  Once you've found a pattern you love, with a little creativity, you'll learn that the options for making that pattern in different ways really are limitless!!

If you're interested, I wrote a blog post for the MCDI Blog on adding a button tab to the side of the shorts (if you want to roll yours up).

Did Somebody Say Free??

Oh... and if you want to "try before you buy," you can download the size 2T for these pants for FREE. You're in luck if your child wears that size. And you're in luck even if they don't, because downloading the freebie will allow you to see the style in which MCDI patterns are put together and how amazing the pattern is for yourself. If you download the freebie, you'll totally want the whole size range!

Just a Little Overview:
  • Fit Worksheet to get the perfect fit, every time, no matter which fabric you choose
  • Faux Fly 
  • Pockets
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Wide or Regular Legs
  • 3 different lengths (bike length, knee length, pant length)
  • Support in the Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group
  • Many hacks available on the Mamma Can Do It Blog
  • Option to download one size of the pattern to check it out before purchasing the entire size range
  • Layers for easy printing (my favorite thing!)
  • It's on sale for 35% off during Release Week!!! 
Thank you SO much for reading this post! I'm sure you'll love this pattern as much as I do!

If you decide to purchase this pattern, I would SO appreciate you using my affiliate link. I've included it throughout the post, and you can find it below! 💗💗

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trend-Setting Babies in the new Puperita Stormy Patterns ❤😎

It's no secret that I LOVE Puperita Patterns. When I see a tester call for something that boys can wear, I apply if at all possible. I know they're going to be good! I know that even if we have to sew up multiple versions, none of the versions will be bad, and they will all be wearable. Annalisa just knows what she is doing. So, when I saw the tester call for the new Stormy Pants and Hoodie, I quickly applied. I decided to test for my nephew, Matthew! I thought the pants were so cute, and had some adorable fabrics that I really wanted to use!

About the Patterns:

The pants are a very cute style! They are harem style with fun squared off pockets. And talk about a fast sew! You'll have these finished before your kiddos wake up from naptime!

The hoodie is a unique style! The crossover front is easy to sew and will be easy to pull over the head, even for little babies! I love this style!

Matthew's Pants: 

I downloaded the pattern, and based on his measurements, we chose the size 3 months for him. It really was a great fit! He wears cloth diapers, so based on the fit of the first version (the rise did not come up quite as high as those who wore throw away diapers), Annalisa made the recommendation that I drop the crotch just a tad. I dropped it by 3/8" (1 cm) which made all the difference. We had a perfect fit on our second pair! 💗 You'll find instructuons for adjusting for cloth diapers in your pattern.

Luke's Outfit:

Since there was a change made to the pattern, and schedules are crazy around Easter, the release date was pushed back. I saw an opportunity to make Luke a pair during testing too! Clearly he needed a pair! The panda bear fabric is so cute, and it looks great on the pants

Based on Luke's measurements, I chose to sew a size 12 month for him. He was really right in between the 6-9 and the 12 month sizes on the measurement chart. I don't want him to outgrow the outfit in two weeks (babies grow TOO fast), so I decided to go with the 12 month.

I also dropped the crotch by 3/8" on Luke's pants as well, since he also wears cloth diapers. Since he was just barely in the 12 month pants, I probably didn't need to drop the crotch to have enough room, but they look fine! 😊

I had not originally signed up to test the hoodie because there was a lot going on with Easter sewing and all (I may have procrastinated just a tad 😜). But since the pants are so fast (seriously CRAZY fast), I told Annalisa that I thought I could get out a hoodie for Luke too. On the hoodie, it is suggested to sew at a 3/8" seam allowance, but if you want a slimmer fit, you can sew at a 5/8" seam allowance. Since Luke was a tad smaller than the measurements, I made it using a 5/8" seam allowance, and also took 1" off the bottom hem of the shirt. I think these adjustments were perfect! I am so happy with the fit. 

So both babies have matching pants! SO FUN!

My Fabric Choices:

The panda fabric that I used for the main fabric of the pants is 100% Cotton Interlock "Doodles" from Joanns. For some reason this stuff seems to get a lot of hate in some of the Facebook Sewing Groups... yeah, it does shrink, pre-wash and dry, and you'll be fine 😉

The Lime fabric that I used for the bands on the pants and the main hoodie fabric is 95/5 cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress.  You'll need something like this, with good recovery for the bands at least! 

Some Good Stuff to Know About the Patterns:
  • Size Range NB- 10 included
  • Smaller sizes have room to accommodate diapers
  • Excellent photo instructions
  • LAYERS for easy printing and taping!
  • Guide to help you put your pattern together.
  • Easy patterns with excellent designer support
As you know, Puperita release day sales are ONE DAY ONLY! So you don't want to miss this one!

Thank you so much for reading this post! 

If you're not already, be sure to join the Puperita Teamwork Facebook Group! It's so fun to share and see other Puperita makes!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Feeling Fancy - Wearing the La Croix Cross Back Top by Winter Wear Designs

Do you ever put something on and immediately just feel fancy? 

Maybe it's because I usually dress pretty simple, and I wear a lot of solids, but I finished this top and just felt fancy when I tried it on! Let me introduce you to La Croix Cross Back Top by Winter Wear Designs. I tried it out as a part of the Top It Off Blog Tour hosted by Winter Wear Designs. This is a pretty neat top... know why? It can be worn with the cross in the back OR the front. So really, the design is kinda fancy, right? 😉

When I first saw the top, I thought that it was so pretty. I knew I wanted to do the open back crossover. Since I'm nursing my baby, I thought the crossover would be convenient to wear in the front for easy nursing this summer. Well, when I tried it on, I was a little surprised, because I like it a lot better with the cross over in the back. But it's nice to have choices, right?

This top has quite a few options, and it's really very flattering too! Be sure to check this pattern out right here!

Let me tell you a little about it!

When you print out your pattern, you will have two bodice pieces (one is the crossover piece, and one is the solid, cut on fold piece). The crossover piece has two options. If you want it to be open, like mine, you'll cut on one line, or if you want it closed (connected with the neckband, like some others made on this blog tour, you'll cut on a separate cut line at the top). You can sew this with sleeves, or sleeveless, like mine! It's getting warm here, and I'm ready for some fun spring and summer tops, so I opted for sleeveless. You can use all one fabric, or use a contrasting fabric for one of the crossover pieces to have a fun pop of color!

Check out these options!

Here you can see the options! (Image borrowed from the
Winter Wear Designs Website - La Croix Cross Back Top Listing
The crossover pieces have beautiful gathering on the sides so that you can also see the pop of color from the other side at the hem. I love this! Isn't that pretty? 

As usual with Winter Wear Designs, the instructions are excellent, explaining everything step-by-step. There are plenty of drawings and photos explaining every step, so you'll know exactly what to do!

My Top

As I mentioned, I chose the open back, sleeveless version. I sewed it using some Double Brushed Poly from Amazon ( I love this fabric. So Soft! I made a maxi skirt from this floral last summer, and had just enough left to cut this top out. I may have been a little very excited when I realized I had enough!  It is probably my favorite floral! Such great colors for spring and summer! 💗 

We took pictures showing the top worn both ways, both with the open crossover in the front and in the back. The crossover in the front would be super convenient for nursing, but I tested it out, and with this fabric, my neckline was stretchy enough to pull down, either way I wore it! Since I'm chasing little people, and prefer modesty, I'm more likely to wear it this way, or with a cami underneath.   



Did You Know... 

This pattern got an update! (and is on sale this week for $6). CLICK HERE to grab it now!!

This is a wonderful pattern that you'll love! But it has recently become even better! You can now download and print just your size, because it has layers! It has also been updated to include AO formatting, AND it has updated instructions! So what's stopping you?

A Little Overview

  • Unique top pattern
  • Great for dressing up or down, depending on fabric choice and what you pair it with!
  • Fun way to add a "pop" of color
  • Crossover can be used in the front for nursing
  • sleeves or sleeveless
  • open or closed crossover back - you choose!
  • different neckband/ binding options depending on which style you make
  • layers that you love! Print only the sizes you need!
  • AO formatting
  • photos and drawings explaining every step
  • updated instructions
  • a whole community of ladies who will help you out, if needed, in the Winter Wear Designs Facebook Group
  • It's on sale as a part of this blog tour! WOOHOO!! Get it for $6 this week only!
UGH... now looking at these photos is making me REALLY want to get back to my Real Deal Jeans that I started and muslined like two years ago and never finished! (Who does that? Goes to the trouble of making a muslin and THEN bails??) The jeans I'm wearing aren't that great. I'm sure I could get a better fit, if only I took the time! 😏 

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