Friday, July 20, 2018

Fabric Love! Sewing the Bamboo Fabric from Nature's Fabrics

What do you think when you hear "stripes." I think of uniform, every stripe is the same size, there is the same distance between all of them, it's uniform, all the same, on repeat... and maybe a little boring...

Nope, that's not the case with these beautiful Bamboo Spandex Stripes from Nature's Fabrics. I have fallen in love with bamboo fabric. Who knew it would be so soft, so comfortable to wear, and so easy to sew? I certainly didn't!

Sewing the Bamboo

I have sewn with quite a few different types of fabrics, and for the longest, I was a bit nervous to try out the bamboo for apparel, because for some reason, I had the misconception that it would be slinky and hard to sew. But now that I've finally given it a try, I have to admit that I was wrong! It sews up just like cotton spandex, but maybe didn't roll as much.

So, I definitely wouldn't hesitate to purchase Bamboo Spandex in the future! It's nice to sew!

Wearing the Bamboo

So I've honestly been stuck on sewing double brushed poly a lot lately. I don't know why, because that means I've also been wearing double brushed poly a lot lately, and everyone knows polyester is not the most breathable fabric, which is probably not the best for a Louisiana Summer! 🤣

But Bamboo is SO NICE! I took outdoor photos in my Bamboo Cardigan, and wasn't dying. It's more breathable! It also absorbs some (I've actually used bamboo fleece for sewing cloth diapers because of the absorbency), so it wicks away moisture from the body. Perfect for Louisiana summer. I'm almost wishing I had made something more summery with my fabric. Maybe I need more. 😜

About The Bamboo Fabric

According to the Nature's Fabrics website, this Bamboo/ Spandex is made from 66% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton and 6% spandex. And apparently this leads to SOFT fabric! The fabric has about 75% stretch in the width and 25% stretch in the length, so you're open to a large variety of possibilities with this fabric! You can really make almost anything!

What I Made

So for myself, I made the Anneline Patterns Coffee Cardigan. I had been eying it for a bit, and meant to make one sooner, but never did. I initially planned to sew a dress with this fabric, but when it arrived, I knew that it was the PERFECT fabric for my light weight cardigan. I'm glad I chose to make the cardigan, because I absolutely LOVE it!

When the fabric first arrived, Daniel asked me to make a blanket out of it instead of anything else, but I made the cardigan. Poor guy. I had enough let over and he said he would like a pair of shorts, so he got a pair of shorts! These are the Brindille and Twig Pocket Shorts. They're super cute and comfy! He has a Walmart tee with added applique to match. I think this fabric makes a super cute cactus, and he really is lookin' sharp! 😉

Thank you so much for reading this post! Now, Let's Go Shopping for Some Bamboo! 😉

To purchase some Bamboo Spandex fabric, see this website  -- hint hint, it's on sale this week!!

The general Nature's Fabrics site is

Join the Nature's Fabrics Group at

The Patterns I Used:

I used the Anneline Patterns Coffee Cardigan (This is my affiliate link - I get a small percentage if you choose to purchase this pattern).

I used the Brindille and Twig Pocket Shorts (This is my referral link. I get points if you use it, and you get a percentage off of your first Brindille and Twig Purchase).

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Vacation Ready - A Couple of Winter Wear Designs Favorites

This month's Winter Wear Design's Blog Tour is "Poolside." I contemplated for a few minutes whether I would have time to sew and blog about it with all of my other obligations (Vacation Bible School, getting the house in order before vacation), but ultimately, I REALLY wanted to, so I signed up. Upon finishing my sewing, I realized, I probably, actually did NOT have time for this, hahaha But at least I got a new outfit (that I LOVE) for vacation!

I wasn't initially sure what I wanted to do with this theme. We go swimming some, but I have a couple of bathing suits, and that's really all I need for right now. And, I've never really used swim cover ups. I usually go straight from the house to the pool, and then to the shower, so as cute as a cover up would have been, I just probably wouldn't use it. I hate to spend precious sewing time making something that won't really get much wear, so I decided to get a little creative! I chose to make a fun, new outfit that could totally be worn "poolside" or at the beach, or anywhere! I chose to use the new Endless Summer Shorts and the Tidewater Tee.

Now, let me tell you about both of these amazing patterns! 

The Endless Summer Shorts

So let me be honest about something... I've never really liked shorts. In fact, until this summer, I probably hadn't worn shorts in eight or so years! But, it's hot in Louisiana, and playing outside with toddlers and wearing dresses isn't always the most practical choice, so I bought two pairs of shorts for this summer. Then, I saw these, and they were so cute on all of the testers. I wasn't initially sure that I'd like them because they have an elastic waist, and I really thought I'd be happier with a side zip or zip fly, but like I said, they looked great on all of the testers, so I decided to give them a try.

This pattern features an elastic waist (as I mentioned). It has a separate waistband piece, and gives instructions on adding buttonholes for a drawstring. Alternatively, you could also choose to add grommets, but I used buttonholes as directed. The pattern suggests using an elastic width of between 1/2" and 1", but I used 1" and thought it was perfect! I personally wouldn't go any narrower for myself. 

The pattern has optional pockets, but I definitely used them. Because, they're easy to add, and why not have pockets in your shorts?

Image borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Website
You have some choices for finishing the legs... You can have a regular hem, lace hem, or cuffed hem. I chose to add a cuffed him because I like the look of it, and it adds a little length. If you choose to sew up the shorts pattern as written (without adding a cuff or lace), you will have a 2.5" inseam. I'm not a fan of super short shorts on myself. There is a "lengthen line" included in the pattern. If you want to add length, you can cut along this line to do so. That way you won't affect the overall shape of your shorts. I did add a little length to my shorts, because I wanted them to be longer.  Overall, I really love the shape of the shorts, the fit, and the length I have. I'm really happy with my pair!

The Tidewater Tee

I chose to make the Tidewater tee for my top for this outfit. I was drawn to it because it looks easy to wear, like a basic tee, but the back sets it apart.

From the front, it appears that you're wearing a regular, everyday tee, but when you turn around, it's definitely attention-getting. The bottom of the shirt has a "U" shaped cutout that is hemmed with a yoke at the top.

You have the choice of a shallow scoop neck or a deep scoop neck. I chose to use the shallow scoop neck, because I don't like my tops being too low. You have sleeve choices of short sleeve, tulip sleeve, or cold shoulder, and I used regular short sleeves. The top is semi fitted. It fits at the bust but isn't too clingy at the waist, which I like.

Image borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Website

The Fabric I Used

My shorts were made using basic quilting cotton from Wal-Mart's fabric section. I saw this print, and fell in love. I bought two yards of it with no plans on what I would use it for. But,  I  knew I wanted to sew something for me. This pattern was perfect. You can use any woven fabric for these shorts, just keep in mind that some fabrics have better drape and will lay more nicely or fit a little differently. 

I made my top using Double Brushed Poly from KnitPop. I like the weight and feel of their double brushed poly. I'm not sure what the difference is, but it feels slightly thinner and cooler than some of the others I have used in the past. And, their solid DBP is priced lower than many of the others I have found! You can see it here (

Making Swimwear

So, obviously, I didn't make swimwear for this Poolside tour, but I can totally see these fabrics made out of swim fabric as well!

For instance, I think the Tidewater tee would make the cutest rashguard ever if you made it using swim fabric. Honestly, I wish I had that thought before my trip.... I probably would have tried it! 

The shorts could most definitely be sewn using a boardshort fabric to wear over swim bottoms in the pool. 

OR, you could make both in french terry or something lightweight and quick drying to use as a swim cover-up. The options with these patterns are nearly limitless! 

Recap Of These Patterns

The Shorts:

  • 2.5" inseam with option to add a cuff or lace to the hem for extra length
  • lengthen line included
  • easy front pockets
  • pretty pocket detail (optional)
  • optional drawstring
  • separate waistband piece
  • elastic waist 
  • great fit
  • illustrated/photo instructions
  • easy to sew, comfy to wear
  • shallow or deep scoop neck
  • pretty cutout in the back
  • back yoke piece
  • illustrated/ photo instructions
  • easy to sew
  • semi-fitted and comfortable 
Now go, check out these fabulous patterns! Be sure to come share what you make in the Winter Wear Designs Facebook Group! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

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***I have included my affiliate links throughout this post! If you are interested in purchasing through one of my affiliate links, you can find them below as well 😊***

Be sure to check out all of the other posts on this Poolside Blog Tour! Several ladies made some really beautiful things! 😍

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More than a Basic Tee -- The Primary Tee with Fabric Applique

I'm excited to be participating in the Change Up the Tee Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents. This month, several ladies sewed basic tees for their boys, but hacked these tees to be a little more than basic. This blog tour was sponsored by GYCT Patterns. For this blog tour, I used the Primary Tee for the first time.  I was really excited to try it out, because, let's face it, I love new patterns. I'm ALWAYS excited to try out a new pattern. 😉

So as the title of our blog tour suggests, I was supposed to change up this basic tee. I really enjoy putting appliques on shirts. They're super cute, easy to do, and make basic tee shirts stand apart. I have an embroidery machine that I LOVE using for appliques, but sometimes my creative side likes to make them myself. So I decided to make an applique for a tee shirt.

I'll tell you all about my experiences with the pattern and making the applique below! 😊

The Primary Tee by GYCT Patterns:

I referred to the Primary Tee above as a "basic tee," because I was sewing a basic tee using the pattern, BUT this pattern is really more than basic. 

This pattern has a few options included that set it apart from other tee shirt patterns. Included in this pattern is a unisex tee shirt with both short and long sleeves. You also get a pocket piece, if you wish to have a pocket on your tee. There is ALSO tee shirt dress included! I probably won't get too much use from the dress portion of the pattern, since I only sew for boys, but talk about value! Sizes 12 months all the way to 12 years are included. 

So you get a unisex tee and a dress both included in the same pattern! If you're already be sold on the pattern, GYCD is offering a discount code to the readers of the blog tour to take $2 off the price of the pattern. If you're interested, use code SEWBLUE to get your pattern for $5.95. You can grab the pattern for the shirt here (affiliate link).

Sewing the Tee

Due to time constraints, I decided to sew only one tee for this blog tour. Both of my boys fit into the size range included in this pattern, so I chose to sew for the one who would cooperate for the camera the best. 🤣 Daniel is a bit stubborn, and if something is not his idea, he doesn't always cooperate. Luke generally "works" the camera, so he's the one who got the new shirt (for now, at least 😉).

Luke cooperates for the camera, but not so much for the tape measure, so my measurements were a bit of a guess. Ha! I did the best I could, and it looked like he would fit into the 18 month based on the chart, so that's what I made. He wears an 18 month now in most patterns and in RTW clothes. I feel like this was a good choice. He might have still fit into a 12 month in this particular pattern, but in the interest of having a little growing room, I'd say this size is perfect.

We live in Louisiana, and it's summer time, so short sleeves were the obvious choice. Since I am making an applique for the front, I decided to not use the pocket piece. All of the pieces went together perfectly, and I enjoyed sewing it.

I sewed this shirt using a 95% cotton 5% lycra from Purple Seamstress Fabrics.

Making the Applique 

I have a whole post dedicated to explaining how I make appliques here. It was actually my first post, and what really got me started!

I took a few pictures along the way when I was making this shirt to explain my process, but for more detailed information, see my other post.

I sketched out my applique. Sometimes I trace other pictures, but this was a super basic design, so I drew it myself. I cut around it and held it up to a tee shirt that fits Luke to see how I felt about the size of the design. I was worried that it was a tad large, so I put it on my copy machine and reduced the size to 85% of the original. I think this was perfect!

Next, I trace my design on to Head and Bond Lite or something similar. I'm out of Heat and Bond Lite so I used this other stuff that I have on hand from before. It works just the same. Remember when you do this that your design will be mirrored once you put it on your shirt. So if it is something that really matters which way it is facing, you need to flip it before you trace it!

Then I iron my design onto my scrap of fabric. I've used knits and woven fabrics for appliques with success. Any scrap will work! For this particular applique, I used a scrap of interlock fabric.

Cut around your design, peel off the paper backing, iron on, and then stitch it down using your preferred stitch.

I prefer to stitch down my designs before the shirt is constructed. It's just easier, but you can totally add an applique to a finished shirt too! 😉

Luke's Tee Shirt

I'm pretty much in love with his new tee! It's amazing how something so simple can change up a basic tee so much! It's cute, something different, and since I designed the applique, no one else will have one exactly like it! Now... I really think he needs a pair of shorts to match. Another day. 😉 

Thank you so much for reading this post! Be sure to check out all of the other stops on the blog tour, and see how other ladies change up a basic tee!

Also... Be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY! GYCD is giving away a shop credit, so you don't want to miss out on entering to win that!

Kicking Off The Changing Up The Tee Blog Tour Thanks for reading! Check out what other bloggers are doing and come up with ideas for changing up the tee by following along with the blog tour below: Fri. June 29 Made for Little Gents (Intro to Tour) Mon. July 2 Family of Makers Tues. July 3 Made for Little Gents Wed. July 4 Frullemieke Thurs. July 5 Made by Laura! Fri. July 6 Auschick Sews Mon. July 9 Kate Will Knit | Sew Cute Couture by Kathy Tues. July 10 Tenille's Thread | Mahlica Designs Wed. July 11 Momma Newey's Makes | Our Play Place Thurs. July 12 My Sewing Roots | Elli and Nels Fri. July 13 Dreams and Stitches | Stylin' Stacy Ready for the giveaway to GYCT Designs Shop? Here you go! Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I received the Primary Tee Pattern for free for participating in this blog tour, but these are my own opinions. 

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Monday, July 2, 2018

A Boy's Summer Staple! CKC Tucker's Shorts

Daniel recently has expressed a love for pockets. In fact, he's made me feel bad that I've made him shorts without them! Ha. He doesn't NEED pockets. He doesn't have a phone or keys yet, so he'll deal, but he wants them to store all of the little treasures little boys find. So, when you find a pattern with pockets, you obviously HAVE to sew it. I immediately knew that he would love them when I saw the tester call for CKC Tucker's. And yes, he does love them!

About the Shorts and My Fabric Choices:

This is a great little pattern full of options! I have frequently seen posts in Facebook Sewing Groups with people asking for woven shorts with a knit waistband. This one fits the bill. The shorts are drafted to be made with woven fabric. And the waistband should be made with a knit fabric with good recovery. I used a woven quilting cotton from Hobby Lobby for the legs of his shorts, and a cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress for the waistband. These worked perfectly.  From my experience, Purple Seamstress Fabric is a great price with excellent quality. The recovery is very good as well.

There is an optional drawstring, if you want to add that. Daniel's shorts do have the drawstring. You can either use cording or something purchased from the store for the drawstring, or you can make your own. The pattern includes instructions for making your own drawstring. I made the drawstring for Daniel's shorts. There are included instructions for adding buttonholes to the waistband to thread the drawstring. You alternatively could add grommets if you have them.

The side seam pockets are nice and deep. When Daniel tried the shorts on for the first time, he exclaimed, "Pockets, just like Daddy's!" I think he likes that he can fit his entire hand in the pockets! They're easy to add, and the instructions are great. There is also one back pocket, which adds a little detail to the back of the shorts.

Also included in the pattern is an optional piece to use if you wish to topstitch to give the look of a faux fly. Daniel's shorts do have this topstitching included, but it's difficult to see from the photographs! If you choose to do this, there are instructions included in the pattern.

CKC Tucker's comes in two size ranges. You can purchase the baby sizes for Newborn through 18-24 months, or you can get the Boys size range for size 2T- size 14.

As with all CKC Patterns, you'll find excellent photo instructions explaining every step in detail!

The Fit:

Based on Daniel's measurements, I made a 4T for him. Where did my baby go? 😢 He is growing so much, so fast! The fit is perfect for him though, and the hem hits him at right about the knee. I loved the fit of the shorts on him, and he seems comfortable. And, if I don't tie the drawstring too tight, they also seem easy enough for him to pull up and down for independent potty breaks, and that's definitely important.  😉

Overview of the Shorts:

  • two size ranges to fit children sizes NB all the way to size 14
  • deep side pockets
  • option to topstitch to give the look of a faux fly
  • back pocket 
  • drawstring (can be purchased or made - instructions for making it included)
  • great photo instructions
  • easy sew
  • ON SALE THIS WEEK! (Through SUNDAY July 8, 2018)
  • Support from the designer and fellow sewists in the CKC BOYS FACEBOOK GROUP 
These shorts are  sure to be a summer staple for your boys! Go grab one or both size ranges this week while the pattern is on sale! 

See the patterns here:

Thank you SO MUCH for reading this blog post! <3

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Three Little Guys Ready for the Fourth!

When I signed up for the Guys and Patriotic Vibes Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents, my biggest dilemma was what to make. I went back and fourth trying to choose a pattern, because I needed to pick a pattern before I could decide if I would use knit fabric or woven fabric. Too many choices!

I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and found this super cute sea animals print in the red, white, and blue color scheme, and I loved it! It's a woven fabric, so when I purchased it, I limited my pattern choices! After spending WAAAAY too much time trying to decide which patterns to sew, I ultimately landed on two favorites from last year. For the little guys, I chose the Create Kids Couture Henry's Sunsuit. And for Daniel, I chose Puperita Seven Seas Shorts. I made the sunsuit pattern four or five times last year and a few times the year before, so I already know the pattern well. 😉 And, Daniel probably has seven pairs of the Seven Seas shorts from last summer, but they're all a size 2T, and he's now measuring into a 4T!

My decision was finally made! Now onto the sewing!

I love rompers for little guys! They're really just so adorable. They're my favorite kind of outfit for diapered kiddos. One piece, nothing to match, and SO CUTE! And a sunsuit is PERFECT for warm weather! They're still dressed cute, but can keep cool. 

So let me tell you a little about this pattern and why I like it. 

This pattern is specifically sold for boys! It was made by the boy designer for CKC Patterns. It is drafted for woven fabrics. The size range of newborn to 18-24 months is included in this pattern. 
The price of this pattern is $7.00. It's not a super complicated sew. It takes a little time, but there are fabulous instructions to ensure that you won't have trouble with any step!

I've made another popular crossover strap sunsuit pattern, but landed on CKC Henry's as my "favorite." And there are a few reasons why. 😉 This pattern is fully lined, and you get a more professional finish than the other pattern I own. There are also no seams bothering little babies. Second, this pattern also has a crotch snap pattern piece and tutorial included, and the other one I have does not. I like having the option for crotch snaps for little babies and diaper changes. On this pattern, the straps button on the back, so the crotch snaps are easier. Finally, I love that this pattern will work for cloth diapers! So many don't accommodate cloth diapers well, so that's important to me! The bloomer part has plenty of room for a bulky diaper. The pattern does recommend adding an inch to the length of the straps if you use cloth, so I do that just to be safe. 

When I'm finishing mine, I add buttonholes to the straps per the recommendations in the tutorial. The tutorial also suggests that if you want, you could add a second buttonhole for more adjustability. I usually try the sunsuit on and decide if I need a second one to fit better.

Another small thing I have done when sewing this pattern before is stitch down the crossover of the straps on the back. This keeps the straps from falling off of their shoulders. From my experience, it doesn't work super well in the tiny sizes (makes it too hard to get on tiny babies), but I love it for the bigger sizes when the little guys are actually moving around. I haven't done it yet on these, but still might! 😉

Doesn't this turn out SO CUTE?

Now for the shorts... I mentioned that Daniel had quite a few pairs of these shorts last summer. I honestly have not tried a Puperita Pattern that I didn't love. 💗 And this is one of my favorites! These shorts are quick to sew, easy to put together, and very cute! I love the little cuff/band on the bottom. 

This pattern includes size newborn- 6 years. It is drafted for woven fabrics. It has an elastic waistband, with included waistband facing (no separate waistband piece), so very quick to make! The smaller sizes include room for diapers (and yes, they fit over cloth diapers). And a bonus, Puperita Patterns are some of the lowest price PDF patterns I've run across (and they're amazing)! 

I made Daniel the 2T for diapered children last summer, and they still fit! Yeah, they could be a tad longer, but they're good enough for play! 😉 So for this pair, I made a size 4 based on his measurements. I also went ahead and cut out a couple more pairs of these while I was at it! I seriously love this pattern. Did I mention that?

See how cute he looks in them?

For his top, I made a crab applique for a basic white tee from Wal-Mart. Basically I just sketched a crab out, and stitched it on the shirt using my applique method I explain here.

Three Little Guys Ready for the 4th!

Isn't it hard to get pictures of kiddos? It's hard enough to get pictures with one child looking at the camera, let alone THREE! Check out the ones we got below. Some are bloopers, but are good for a laugh! 🤣🤣

Cousins Sitting <3

Brother hugs 

A bird... or a plane? 

Big Cousin decided he wanted little cousin's chair. We moved little cousin. Big cousin wanted the other chair back 🤣

Another hug, but it looks bad! 
Now these three little guys are all ready for the 4th of July! Yes!

I love both of these patterns, and recommend that you check them out for yourself! 

And just in case you're interested in a couple of new Facebook Groups, why don't you check out the groups specific to these designers 😃

See the CKC Boys Group HERE

See the Puperita Teamwork Group HERE 

Thank you so much for reading my post! If you don't already, come follow me on Instagram! I'd LOVE to see what YOU make! 

Be sure to check out all of the other stops on this blog tour!