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The Wardrobe by Me Asta Dress

Sometimes you find a pattern that you'll pull out again and again. That is the case with this pattern. I love wearing dresses. I feel so pretty and feminine. Putting on a dress can put me in a better mood sometimes. So I was more than excited to test the expansion of the Asta Dress.

**Disclosure: I have included my affiliate link to the pattern I used for this post. If you choose to purchase a pattern from Wardrobe by Me using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.**

I've sewn this pattern a couple of times before. Once I made the sleeveless version and another time, I made a sleeved version. I've worn both of them several times. 

So I already knew I liked the pattern, and was thrilled to try some of the new options! 

The pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. It makes a beautiful dress with a few options you can choose from. You can make your dress sleeveless, or chose rom between two sleeves (a more fitted sleeve or a beautiful bell sleeve).  I chose to use the bell sleeve this time, since it was new and different. 

The pattern has three neckline options - a boat neckline, a round neckline, or a turtle neck option. All three of the dresses I've sewn in the past were the boatneck. I LOVE boatnecks! They are so gorgeous!

The skirt part of this dress has both a front and a back center seam. It definitely saves fabric, but is also easy to omit (I have omitted the center seam previously). There are two pocket options - interior pockets or patch pockets. Or, you can choose to leave the pockets off the dress.  I added the interior pockets to my dress. They were very easy, and I'm glad to have included them!

The Fabric:

As I mentioned, this pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. It is best to use a fabric with minimal vertical stretch, but any knit will do. My fabric is liverpool. I love using liverpool - it is easy to sew, comfortable to wear, and very easy to travel with (it doesn't wrinkle). 

In the past I have made the dress using two other fabric types (one was bamboo and the other was a faux suede fabric). The bamboo fabric did have a significant amount of vertical stretch, so the dress stretched out a bit, dropping the waistline some because of the weight of the fabric. I ended up sewing some elastic into the waist seam to help with this. The second dress, made from the faux suede had very little vertical stretch, and it worked perfectly.

This liverpool doesn't really have vertical stretch, making it great for this pattern.

I also love the way the bell sleeves look with the structure of the liverpool! 

The liverpool is from Amelia Lane Designs. I believe I used just over two yards making this dress. The slim fitting sleeve would use slightly less fabric. Also, probably plan to use extra if you want to cut your skirt on the fold rather than having a center seam. 

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