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Breaking Ground... FINALLY trying out Itch To Stitch

I've heard nothing but positive reviews on Itch To Stitch Patterns, and I've been meaning to try them out. In fact, I may own one or two, but have never sewed them.

When I heard about this "Breaking Ground" Blog Tour, I knew it was the perfect time to try out one of these designers that I've been wanting to try, but apparently haven't had the motivation to sew.

I had a scrap of this liverpool left over that I really love, so I had to find the perfect thing to make. I remembered seeing this cute petal pencil skirt on the Itch To Stitch site. It looked easy enough, and would be perfect for my fabric, so I thought, "Why not start with that?"

**This post may contain my affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase from my link, I will receive a small commision of the sale at no additional charge to you.**

So here we are... the push I finally needed to spend a few minutes sewing (minutes is right... it's a fast sew). Look at my new skirt!!

As I mentioned, I have a couple of Itch To Stitch patterns in my... ahem... collection. And, I really want to make the ones I have, but the ones I own are probably going to be a little more time consuming. And thanks to my tendency to over commit, I decided I had better go with something a little simpler and quicker.

Let's talk about this pattern:

This pattern is perfect for knit fabrics. I love using patterns such as these for fabrics with a little more structure, such as ponte liverpool, and scuba. They don't cling, and they make you look amazing. It's the truth. 😜 You'll also need a wide elastic for the waist.

The front skirt is made of two pieces for the "petal" look. The back skirt is one piece, and then you'll have your front and back waistband, plus your piece of elastic (about the length of your waist measurement).

The front "petal" piece looks a bit more sophisticated than a regular skirt, but the skirt may only take a few minutes longer to sew than a traditional pencil skirt. It is really very quick and easy.

Best part about this pattern... It's FREE!!! Why not download it?

My Skirt:

As I mentioned, I had a scrap of this liverpool left over that I really wanted to use. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. I think the elastic I purchased was a tad narrower than the recommended width, so I had a bit of trouble with the waistband. While it's not perfect, I'm happy enough, and will be more careful when purchasing supplies next time! 🙂 Also, the method in which the elastic is installed makes the width of the elastic important. I seem to struggle to find the wider elastics locally, for some reason, so maybe next time I could thread the elastic through a casing rather than serging the elastic on and stitching it down.

But I love the look of the skirt! I'm very excited about how it turned out. And I'm also happy to know that this pattern is so quick, in case I need another skirt for another occasion at some point! It's a great one to have!

Do You Have Any Designers You've Been Wanting To Try?

I think we all do... it's just not possible to have the time to sew something from every designer out there!

It's so easy to get stuck making what we know and who we know, but there are so many amazing patterns and designers out there! It's nice to try something or someone new every so often!

What will you sew?

Check out the Itch To Stitch Site here:

Be Sure To Check Out the Other Stops on This Tour: So many amazing posts about Breaking Ground and trying something new!

Welcome to the Breaking Ground Blog Tour 2019. This year over 25 bloggers from around the world are joining with me to break new ground by trying a pattern designer that is new to them, try new techniques, new styles, or whatever way they want to push themselves. (Read on for Giveaway info) The Full Tour includes all these creatives... we hope you'll visit us each day: Monday March 11- That's Sew Lily, Sewing A La Carte, Mijn 11jes & ik Tuesday March 12- mahlicadesigns, Embrace Everyday, Jot Designs, auschick sews, Raising Stripling Warriors Wednesday March 13- Musings of A Seamstress, Very Blissful, Sew4Five, Just Sew Something, Hazelnut Handmade, Crafting Through Time, Tales From A Southern Mom Thursday March 14- Make It Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Ronda B Handmade, SequioaLynn Sews, Sewing with D, The Sewing Goatherd, OOYAmade, My Golden Thimble, Custom Made by Laura Friday March 15- Sew Cute Couture by Kathy, Sewing Novice, Ronda B Handmade, Momma Bear Sews, MeMade, My Golden Thimble, Lulu & Celeste

Breaking News: our tour sponsor Phat Quarters is offering 2 patterns of choice from her pattern shop to one lucky winner.

Enter Here!

We'd love to see how you're Breaking Ground this month. Share with us what you're working on by using the hashtag #BreakingGround2019 across social media.


  1. I have that pattern that I downloaded, I just have to get on it and make it. I really like how it came out. It looks great!

  2. Great Job!! I would have used all that fabric too! Lovely print!

    1. Thank you! :) I wasn't sure I had enough of this left to do anything but I saved it anyway. This was perfect! :D

  3. I have so many patterns to try! I acquire way faster than I can actually sew! I love your skirt. I really should make this one too.

    1. I think we all acquire more patterns than we can ever use! I've tried to slow down! haha Thank you!

  4. I always look for my Lily petal skirt first in my wardrobe because it looks so nice and is easy to wear. I had not seen an elastic waitband construction like the Lily before or since and I really like how smooth it looks when wearing.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, The waistband is so nice looking. You almost can't tell it has elastic when you're wearing it!

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