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January Releases from Amelia Lane Designs

I always get so excited about new fabric releases from Amelia Lane Designs. Frequently, they give me the opportunity to sew something I might not otherwise and try something new. I have learned a lot sewing for them, like how to sew swim and athletic wear. But I've also learned that I actually LIKE wearing fun prints and designs that I haven't always worn. 

**Disclosure: I have included affiliate links to patterns used in this post. If you choose to purchase a pattern using my link, I will receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.**

For this release, I tried something that is really not me - this fun animal print! There have been a few releases recently with fun animal-print fabrics, and I have not sewn any of them, because I thought I wouldn't like wearing them. But after seeing some of the other sewists in the ALD Facebook Group sharing their makes, I knew I HAD to try it! I am really glad I did. This dress makes me so happy!

This fabric is a double brushed poly fabric, and I don't know how, but it is one of the softest DBP fabrics I have EVER used. I really love it. Funny story, when I was cutting this dress, one of our dogs fell in love with this fabric. I kept having to move him off of the fabric to finish cutting it. Then later I caught him moving a piece of my dress with his teeth and taking it to lay his head on. I thought it was so funny. So, it is also pup-approved. 

My dress is made using the Sinclair Dakota dress. I tested this pattern when it released, and really loved it during the pattern test. This pattern has a tunic length and a dress length. The front can be made with or without a placket, and there are two neckline options. 

This pattern was also one of my very first ALD sews when ALD was first opening. It is a great pattern, but I had not used it in a while. I recently discovered a dress that I had cut out almost two years ago from this pattern that was unsewn and forgotten. I remember cutting it out before our vacation, trying to finish it to take with me, but I didn't have time. And... life happened and apparently I forgot about it when we got back. So after finding the dress pieces, I sewed it up, and remembered how much I love the pattern. When I chose to sew this fun print, I knew immediately that I wanted to sew the Dakota Dress. It is so nice, and really beautiful. 

For my dress, I sewed the non-placket front with the scoop neckline. I used 3/4 length sleeves. I gathered the skirt with elastic (also from ALD). I don't really like gathering. It's just not my thing. So, the cheater gathering with elastic method makes me so happy. 

With COVID, I don't go many places right now. We are doing virtual school, and trying to do our part and stay home as much as we can to keep everyone well! The only place I go most weeks is to take Daniel to speech therapy. I wore my dress up to the clinic one day, and got two compliments while I was inside. I already loved the dress, but compliments make anyone feel good! It made me even happier with it! 

The fabric is called Zari. It is on sale through Monday, February 1, 2021 with the other new releases. It is so gorgeous and soft. I promise you won't be disappointed! 

The other sew I have for this release is for my sister. I also had this gorgeous light blue rib fabric. I really love it! I LOVE the color blue. It is my favorite color. I've never met a blue that I didn't like. So when I saw this one, I wanted it. 

I originally planned to make another Seamwork Neenah, but since I'm not going many places, I really didn't need another dress at the moment. I love the Neenah, but it is one I like for church or dressing up a tad. I thought about cutting it to top length like I did for my cousin a couple of months ago, but then when I was holding the fabric and looking at it, I started thinking about how stretchy it is! I decided that this would make the perfect maternity top that could totally be used post-pregnancy too. 

I called Leah, asked her if she liked the fabric (of course she did), and asked her to try on a specific top, because I had an idea.

Last year, I made both of us the "Like a Boss Batwing" top by Pattern Emporium from some ALD Pointelle. I blogged about them HERE. We both loved them. The pattern is super loose at the top, a dolman style, and made to gather a bit to sit at the hip. 

I had her pull her shirt over her belly and tell me how it fits. I knew it would be too short, but thought that if the fit was good enough, I could add a bit of length to fit her now. We decided to add about three inches to give her enough length. She was almost 34 weeks when we took the photo. The fabric is definitely stretchy enough to accommodate her for a few more weeks. Then, after the baby arrives, she can either wear it  as a tunic length top over leggings, or we can chop off the extra three inches, hem it again, and she could wear it as originally intended

I think it looks amazing on her. She loves how soft it is. Seriously... they somehow find the SOFTEST fabrics! 😍

This pattern has a ton of options. It has quite a few neckline choices. It can be made with short sleeves or long sleeves (with the added long cuff piece). It is a super, super quick and easy sew. I've made it a few times, and wear my top made from this pattern very frequently. 

It is Chambray Rib Knit, and is also one of the new arrivals on sale through February 1, 2021. 

There are several other really amazing fabrics this release, so don't miss out on the New Arrivals! πŸ’“

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