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The Wardrobe by Me Mirri Wrap Dress

I know... I know... another Wrap Dress? But this one is different. I PROMISE! **Disclosure: I have included my affiliate links throughout this post. If you purchase using my link, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you** You've probably noticed I have a "thing" for wrap dresses. I've blogged on quite a few, and there are quite a few others hanging in my closet that I have not talked about yet. But... like I said, this one is different. I'm going to go ahead and put the Mirri Dress up at the top of my favorite wrap or faux wrap dress patterns. The biggest reason... I love the fit! I had the opportunity to test the Mirri Dress by Wardrobe By Me Patterns. The dress was getting an update to extend the sizing range - YAY! So, it was put through re-testing, and it is AWESOME! This was my first (and second) time sewing the Mirri, although it has been around for a while! Let's talk about the pattern : The Mirri Dress Patt

The Jupiter Jersey by Blank Slate Patterns

I had this beautiful fabric to use from Selah Fabric Co. It was a strike, so I had a fat half of each print to put together. I loved the fabrics, but wasn't quite sure how to coordinate them or what to make. There was definitely a fear that I would sew something in which the fabrics didn't compliment each other well enough, or what what I made would look funny and not do the fabrics justice. I looked through approximately 1 million patterns trying to decide what to sew. Then finally, I saw the Jupiter Jersey. I've seen this pattern before and looked over it. It didn't look like something I would wear, but the second I saw this pattern with this fabric in mind, I knew that I had to sew it. I'm SO glad I did. This fabric + this pattern is pretty much amazing, in my completely unbiased opinion. 😉 Let me tell you all about my shirt, starting with the pattern. The Juniper Jersey This is a pattern by Blank Slate. It's actually my first time to sew a Blank

Breaking Ground... FINALLY trying out Itch To Stitch

I've heard nothing but positive reviews on Itch To Stitch Patterns, and I've been meaning to try them out. In fact, I may own one or two, but have never sewed them. When I heard about this "Breaking Ground" Blog Tour, I knew it was the perfect time to try out one of these designers that I've been wanting to try, but apparently haven't had the motivation to sew. I had a scrap of this liverpool left over that I really love, so I had to find the perfect thing to make. I remembered seeing this cute petal pencil skirt on the Itch To Stitch site. It looked easy enough, and would be perfect for my fabric, so I thought, "Why not start with that?" **This post may contain my affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase from my link, I will receive a small commision of the sale at no additional charge to you.** So here we are... the push I finally needed to spend a few minutes sewing (minutes is right... it's a fast sew). Look at my new skir

The WIllow Wrap Dress by Love Notions

I love wrap dresses. I love them all. They all have something different to offer. Every pattern you'll find for a wrap dress (or faux wrap dress) is slightly different. Enabler alert: There is a reason to have multiple wrap dress patterns. I think. 😉 **Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. If you purchase a product from my link, I will receive a small commision from the sale at no additional cost to you.** So, a few weeks back, when Love Notions announced that their Feature Friday Sale was the Willow Wrap Dress , and it was discounted to only $5, I obviously spent a little while deciding whether or not I NEED another wrap dress pattern, and, of course, eventually decided I did. I looked at the pattern, all of the options, thought about fabrics I might use, and got REALLY excited. Let me tell you about this pattern: I know, I know.... You already have 1 or 10 wrap dress patterns and you're like me, trying to decide why you might like this one too. W

The Sheona Top by Athina Kakou

You may have caught my blog post about the Suzy dress the other day... I have found a new pattern designer I REALLY like... Athina Kakou! So, I was so excited for the opportunity to try and review another of her patterns - the Sheona Top . I loved the look of the pattern when browsing her site, but when I actually downloaded it, I was amazed! Apparently I don't read well enough because the listing explains exactly what you're getting, but I thought the pattern was for a basic shift dress and basic tee. And it is... but there is more!  I was planning to make the tee with this fabric I've had for a while! I got it in a mystery scrap box I think, and really love it! It's been begging to become something for the spring and summer, but I didn't know what to make. I put my pattern together, looked at the tutorial, looked at all of the hacks that the designer made for this pattern, and WOW... you have a lot of options! I really liked the long ruffle piece (to ma

The Suzy Dress by Athina Kakou Patterns

I love dresses! I used to wear them all the time, but nursing babies deterred me, for a bit, from wearing them as often as I like. But my baby is almost two, and I'm starting to see "light at the end of the tunnel," and I'm starting to make a few non-nursing friendly things. So, I was super excited for the opportunity to test the Suzy Dress by Athina Kakou Patterns. Athina Kakou Patterns is a new-to-me pattern designer, and OH MY, when you look at her page, you'll see nothing but gorgeousness! When you browse through her other patterns, you'll see some very classic, timeless, and beautiful looks. This dress also fits those descriptions, and this pattern certainly does not disappoint. Let me tell you all about this pattern: The Suzy Dress pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. It is recommended to use medium weight fabrics with 30%-50% stretch. Some recommended fabrics are ponte di roma and cotton spandex. In the tutorial, there are helpful tips for ch