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More Athletic-Wear... leggings and a tank

So for this set, I tried ANOTHER new to me pattern! More new athletic fabric from Amelia Lane Designs plus another awesome pattern = another great athletic set! So... let's talk about this one! 😉 **Disclosure: I have included my affiliate links to some of the patterns used in this post. If you choose to purchase a pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.** The Pattern : Have you ever been so intrigued by a pattern that you couldn't wait to try it? Then when you got ready to actually try it, it was different from everything you'd ever used, so you got a bit intimidated. And it took awhile for you to to find the courage? No? Well... that was totally me with this pattern . This pattern really was awesome, but wow, was it different from anything else! That can be a good thing, right? This pattern designer really thinks outside the box, so to speak, and came up with something really great, but really diff

My New Athletic Set by Greenstyle

Every now and then, I try something new... like a new fabric or a new designer. Sometimes I try both at the same time, and end up with something I love - like this Athletic Set. This week, Amelia Lane Designs has stocked several new athletic fabrics. I'll be honest - life has been a little crazy the last several weeks, and I haven't found the time without the kids to make it to the gym... every now and again, we need a little motivation. So I thought a new athletic set might do it for me. And, yep, I love this set and kind of can't wait to wear these leggings to the gym! The Greenstyle Strides: I used the Strides from Greenstyle for my leggings. I'd seen this pattern shared around. It seems to be quite popular in the PDF athletic sewing world. I was intrigued by the side panel with a pocket. I've never had leggings with a pocket. So I liked that there would be somewhere to store my phone! But, every time I try a pants pattern, I get nervous. SO muc

Pattern Emporium Going Places

Y'all.... this dress. I just wish it was the right time of year here in the U.S. for me to LIVE in this dress. I love it oh so much!  **Disclosure: This blog post contains my affiliate link to the pattern I tested. If you choose to purchase a pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you** When I saw the tester call for the Going Places Dress , I eagerly applied thinking it looks like something I would love! And, I do. 😉 I originally planned to make two - one of the fitted and one fit and flare. But I somehow have two fit and flare dresses and am still planning to make the fitted one!  It is such a classic style! I want several for every day next summer! 💓 The Pattern : As you've probably gathered, there are two big options for this dress- the fitted or the fit and flare. The fitted version can be made with a straight hem or with a flounce hem.The fit and flare has multiple length options- everything