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Daniel's Power Ranger Costume

Daniel is very imaginative. He has a much bigger imagination than I ever did as a child. He's really creative and is always making all kinds of things. He plays pretend a lot. And I LOVE it! I love watching it, and listening to it. He also pushes me to be creative. He always has the best ideas for games to play, or for things he wants me to sew. Like a Power Ranger costume that he very suddenly decided he NEEDED.  How His Costume Came to Be... It was almost time to get ready for bed the other night, and he asked me if I would go make him a Power Ranger costume. I said, "Daniel, it's 8 o'clock. It's bedtime, and I don't even know how to make a Power Ranger costume." I kind of figured he would drop it. I finished what I was doing in the kitchen, and he walked into the den for like 5 minutes. He came back with this picture and said, "See this is what I want, but it needs a gold symbol on the front, and it needs gold close to the neck."

The Pattern Emporium Trapeze Trio

So back a couple of years ago, Pattern Emporium released the Trapeze Trio for free for a limited time. I put off downloading it for too long, and I missed the offer. But it has always looked like such a nice pattern, so... during their sitewide sale a few weeks back, I decided to go ahead and grab it. I know, I know... I probably have something else similar, but I'm always curious about a new pattern. I love trying new things. I think it keeps me from getting bored. I have some patterns I repeat again and again, but I never lose the desire to try something new and different, whether it's a new pattern, a new-to-me designer, or a new fabric type, I love new things when it comes to sewing. **Disclosure: I have include my affiliate link to the pattern I used for this post. If you choose to purchase a Pattern Emporium Pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you** I recently tested for the first time for Pattern Emporiu

The Seamwork Neenah

I've been kind of looking at this pattern for a while. I have resisted making it, however, because I never liked turtlenecks. The thought of a turtleneck took me back to those turtlenecks I hated so much when I was a little girl. I didn't really like things touching my neck, and some of them were just too tight. **Disclosure: I have included my referral link to SEAMWORK in this post. If you choose to subscribe to Seamwork using my referral link, you'll receive a discount on your first month, and I'll receive credits towards my membership** And I probably would have continued resisting this pattern , had I not gotten my hands on this beautiful ribbing. And ALL I could think about was how this beautiful ribbing would be so pretty sewn up with this pattern .  I was going to have to get over myself and try a turtleneck. And I'm kind of glad I did. This Fabric: This beautiful ribbing is one of the new fabrics stocking this week at Amelia Lane Des

Sewing SOCKS? - CKC Bobby's

Well, I almost always feel like I need more socks. I never feel like I have enough pairs, and half of them always seem to have holes somewhere in them.  So, I was a bit intrigued when I saw the tester call for the SOCK sewing pattern. I had to try it, you know?  I've seen other people sewing socks, and have always kind of wanted to try them, but haven't. It seemed like the perfect opportunity So, meet CKC BOBBY ! You may have seen the kids' version in the past, but now you can get the adult version too, and they're all on sale right now! I've never made the kids' version before, but I can tell you all about the adults' version!  The Pattern:   The pattern includes womens' size 5- mens' size 15. There are a few measurements you'll take to get your perfect fit. It is really kind of neat how the pattern is made!  For this pattern , you'll for sure want to pay close attention to the instructions. There are written instruc

Daniel's New Pajamas - CKC Josh

Well, a few months back, I saw a pre-order for this fabric. I KNEW Luke would love it, so I ordered some. I knew it was iffy whether or not Daniel would like it. But, for the last several weeks, he has REALLY gotten into Paw Patrol and Mighty Pups, so he fell in love with the print. He possibly likes it more than his brother. So when I saw the tester call for the update of  CKC Josh's Pajamas , I decided to use some of this really fun fabric and make Daniel a new pajama set. Kristen was really needing some testers for shorts to fill the test. Many testers wanted to do the pants version since we're mid-winter here in the U.S., but Daniel likes to sleep in shorts, so I applied to test! Daniel loves them y'all! Want to hear about the pattern ? The pattern is a knit pajama pattern that has options for short sleeve or long sleeves, and shorts or pants. The short sleeve/shorts version is hemmed, while the long sleeve, long pants version has banded sleeves and ankles.

Scotty's Favorite Shirt

Scotty always makes me so happy - he's wearing his Laura-made clothes every chance he gets. And, he's always happy to receive another shirt (whatever I choose to make). Sometimes he picks fabric, and sometimes I get to surprise him. He's generally easy to please. Sewing for him is SO fun because I know I'll get to see him wearing whatever I make again and again. It seriously makes my heart happy. **Disclosure: I have included my affiliate link to the pattern I used for this post. If you choose to purchase a pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.** We have a few patterns that we've tried that we've liked a whole lot, and one that we've absolutely loved, and have used several times... that one was the 5 out of 4 Rocky Tee . I've shared about it before, but now that I've just made him his 6th or 7th Rocky , I decided that it was time to share about it again, and maybe show some of the fabulous long

More Matching in Our ALD

When I saw this fabric , I kind of think I fell in love. Y'all, it's just so pretty! I love the pretty, vibrant colors. I love the floral design. And it's pretty different from most of my wardrobe. My closet that used to be filled with black and blues is looking more pink and mauve these days. Thanks friends at Amelia Lane Designs .  **Disclosure: this blog post includes my affiliate link to the pattern I used for this post. If you choose to purchase a Wardrobe by Me pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you!** So, I was excited for something new and different. I had one yard for promotion and sharing, and ordered a second yard to make my beautiful Adrian Dress. (Adrian is the fabric's name 😉) When it came in, it was SO pretty. I was trying to decide what dress to make, but then it hit me... I didn't need a new dress. Leah and I needed matching tops! We enjoy our matching clothes