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Back to the Busy Wearing Winter Wear Designs

Back to work for teachers, back to school for kiddos, back to college, back to grad school, back to homework, back to lesson planning, back to grading papers, back to sports, back to afternoon practice, back to driving back and forth for mamas, back to BUSY. You know it... as soon as the school year starts life gets a little busier, and a little more hectic for EVERYONE, so you can at least dress comfortably, right?

As a part of the Winter Wear Designs "2018 Back 2 School Blog Tour," I'm going to show you how I used their patterns to put together a few looks that really work for me!

Let's look at a couple of items that I love. These things are so comfy, I feel like I need several of each, and I could wear them ALL THE TIME.
As you know, I'm staying home right now while my kiddos are small, but when they get a little older and start going to school full time, there's a good chance I'll go back to teaching. So... while I'm enjoying sewing all my fun stu…

Off to School... Handmade Style!

Daniel is starting pre-school for the FIRST TIME this school year! This means it's the first time he needs a new "back to school" outfit! Well he actually needed two because he has orientation one day and then he has the first day. 😉 But I'm going to show you and tell you about one, really because his little brother and little cousin got a matching outfit! They're not going to school, but Daniel will go with everyone matching and looking stylish!

This post is part of the "Back to School" blog tour hosted by Made for Little Gents!  Go check out Sunni's page if you never have!

Puperita Style!

I love Puperita Patterns! I haven't found one yet that I didn't like. They're all amazing, pretty easy to follow, and have excellent instructions. The pattern pieces are perfect, and you have wonderful support from a very committed designer. Annalisa takes her patterns very seriously and always listens to her customers and testers, so I always feel co…

The Relaxed Fit Peplum by Mamma Can Do It

I tried to sew a peplum once a while back. It was a really popular pattern. I kept seeing it a lot in different Facebook sewing groups, so I decided to give it a go. I hated it. I didn't like the way it fit me. I liked the way it looked on a lot of people, but apparently, that particular pattern, needed A LOT of adjustments to fit my body. So I've used it a handful of times sewing for my little cousin, and I donated the top I made for myself to the thrift store. I still liked the style though, but have been reluctant to try making another peplum type top because of how that top fit me.

BUT... when I saw the tester call for the Mamma Can Do It Relaxed Peplum top, I decided that I needed to try it. I love how their other patterns fit me, so it was worth the risk. 😉

A Little About This Pattern:
This pattern really is a great one! It has lots of options, to make anyone happy. You can sew it in almost any fabric. You'll get different results, but they all look amazing. It's …

Kenna's by CKC Patterns

I saw a tester call for this pattern while I was on vacation. I was super bummed that I couldn't test it, but was SO excited to see that it was coming. I LOVE this style!

I found this fabric at Joann's and fell in love with it. 😍 I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to use it for... Well I FINALLY got around to making my new CKC Kenna's!

This Pattern:
This pattern is drafted for stretch fabrics. It has a dolman style sleeve (so easy and quick). It is not a fitted top. It has a loose fit, comfortable fit.
You have a few options for your sleeves. You can choose to add a ruffle or a cuff to your sleeve, or you can just hem it. If you want the ruffle or cuff, there is a measurement cut chart included in the pattern.
There are two options for the front bodice. You can sew Kenna's with the knot in the center front, or you can make it with the knot more to one side. There are actually two separate front bodice pieces included in this pattern, and a print chart, so …

The All Seasons Top and Dress by Pickle Toes Patterns

I'm starting to think a little about fall. I've been sewing a lot this summer, but most of the things I have made so far are really summery and won't carry me far when the weather starts changing. I really want a few handmade things to wear this fall and winter, so I decided to go ahead and make something new!

This is the All Season's Top by Pickle Toe's Patterns!

This Pattern:

Let me tell you about this pattern! You have quite a few options for sewing it. You can sew this in top, tunic, or dress length. There are two neckline options (jewel neck and V-Neck). You have quite a few sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4, or long). The sleeves can be made with a hem or a band. There is also an option to add a thumbhole cuff to the long sleeve. SEE? Lots of options!

This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. Almost any knit fabric with at least 30% stretch will work. You'll want to use something slightly stretchier and with good recovery for the bands.