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The Ellie and Mac Curved Hem Tank

I had this fabric on hand planning to make something for my mama. I generally overthink things I'm making for other people. My mama wasn't picky - she just wanted something to wear to stay cool. This fabric is perfect for that. We decided that I'd make her a tank, because she already has several short sleeve tees. The only thing she asked was if I had a pattern with a curved hem. She has a couple of store bought tanks that have curved hems, and she likes them. I like curved hems too - they're very flattering!  So, I did what I do -- I scoured through all of the patterns I own (and some I don't own) looking for the perfect tank. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time trying to decide what  to sew than I actually do sewing it!  The Ellie and Mac Curved Hem Tank: I remembered seeing Mya, one of the owners of Amelia Lane Designs, who made a blog post comparing several tanks. I remember liking the way her Ellie and Mac Curved Hem Tank fit her. So I showed it to my mama,

A Swim Cover Up

I haven't had an actual swim cover up since I was a little kid I think. For the last several years, I've opted to wear a rashguard and a swim skirt, because they're easy to fit. I always struggled finding swim tops that fit my body in the stores. They either didn't provide enough coverage, support, or they were too big. So, wearing rash guards and swim skirts, I didn't feel much of a need to have a swim cover up.  But this year, I've been making actual swimming suits, and I'm really enjoying having them. But, I decided I needed a swim cover up to wear over them. 🙂 Amelia Lane Designs just stocked the PERFECT fabric for swim cover ups. It's an athletic fabric, but it's soft, lightweight, and drapey. It reminds me of ITY fabric if you've ever worked with that. This athletic base is called "Scorpion." It's my first time to use this base, and I'm definitely a fan! Right now, they have the fabric stocked in three colors - purple, pi

The Sew A Little Seam Marin

So, I think this will probably be my last post about swimwear for a while. I think. No promises though 😉 This pattern has been on my "to-make" list for the longest. I just kept not getting around to it. I loved how many options it has, and I've definitely been meaning to try it. But to be honest, I'm really just now getting comfortable with swim.  Previously, I was afraid to sew it because I was scared the suit would fit me funny. I hate wasting materials! But like everything else, sewing and fitting swimwear is kind of a trial and error type thing. You do it, and learn a bit every time. None of my suits are perfect, but I've learned a little from each of them, and can now semi-confidently dive into one. I've learned methods I prefer, I've learned what length I want the elastic in a shelf bra, and I've learned some tricks to sewing with swim. While none of my suits are perfect, they're all wearable. And they all fit as good as, or better than, sui

The Rad Molly Suit & New Fabric at ALD

I know... I know... my last couple of posts have been swimwear. And I'll be honest... I'm not quite done. I told you I made a commitment to sewing some swimwear this month. I'm going to be at least somewhat proficient by the end of the summer. haha I'm loving this suit though! And, I'm loving it for a few reasons. It's pretty easy, it has a few options, and it didn't take me very long to make.  This is the Rad Patterns Molly Suit ! I remember when this one released.... I really liked it. I was drawn to it, and I almost bought it, but I didn't. Because... at that point, I wasn't sewing much with swim. I didn't need another pattern that would just sit there and not be used. I decided to hold off on buying the pattern until I knew it would be sewn.  Every time Rad has had a pattern sale, I've looked at the Molly though. I REALLY liked the look of this suit. So when Amelia Lane Designs announced that they had these beautiful fabrics that they wer

More Swim ... 5oo4 Laura and Tidal Wave Shorts

This year, I decided to commit to sewing swimwear. Last summer, I tested one swim pattern. I was so proud of it, but only ended up wearing it a few times - It didn't end up being my favorite ever. I've wanted to sew swim for a while, but I haven't been overly confident.  **Disclosure: I have included my affiliate links to the patterns used in this post. If you choose to purchase a pattern using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.** So, this year, I committed to sewing a couple of swim patterns in May and June, thinking I'd have a couple of new bathing suits for our yearly beach trip. Well... I'm happy to report, that I DID sew my swimwear, but sadly, they're just going to be for the kiddie pool in the backyard. We made the decision to not go to the beach this summer, with all of the restrictions from the virus.  The Patterns and Fabric I Used This Time: For this bathing suit, I used two 5 out of 4 Patterns. The