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Ready for Summer... Winter Wear Style

When Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs mentioned that this month's blog tour would be rompers, I honestly thought I might have to sit this one out. I have nothing against rompers, and other people look so cute wearing them, but not me!  If I wanted to participate, I'd have to choose... there's the super cute Riviera Romper , and then there's the  Boho Breeze Romper . So let me tell you how I came up with this! 😎 A little about both: The Riviera Romper -  Looking at the tester images, I fell in love with this one. I knew I wanted to sew it, but just couldn't picture myself wearing a romper. Maybe one day? But not today! HA! I loved the scooped neckline that dips in the back. I love the blousy top. It has options for shorts or capris. The bodice has the option to use a coordinating fabric for the straps. The neckline is bound with a tie in the back. The bodice is designed for knit fabric, and the bottoms can be made using knits or woven fabrics. It

Pretty Pleats ... Pauline's Pleated Skirt by CKC

I was busy that week. I saw the tester call for the Pauline's Pleated Skirt , and I love pleated skirts. But it has an invisible zipper... I've installed zippers before, but never an invisible zipper! So, I ignored the tester call. But then, I kept thinking about how much I love pleated skirts, and I really love learning new skills... so I went back, and it was still open, so I applied. Like I said, I was super busy that week, but I was SO excited when I got the invitation to come test the pattern! The Pattern: List of required supplies... woven fabric, invisible zipper, invisible zipper foot? What's that? I'd never even heard of an invisible zipper foot. HA. So I visited my trusty friend, Amazon and found one. It was around $6. That's not too bad! And ordering via Amazon, it'll arrive in two days, YES! There are a few options for this pattern. You can choose which length you like best. There is vintage length (which is more like mini), knee length, m

It's a Beauty - the Betty by Sinclair Patterns

Not too long ago, I discovered Sinclair Patterns . I had been eyeing a few Sinclair Patterns, because  they just looked gorgeous, but I've been busy with other things and hadn't actually tried any of them. So when I saw a testing call for the Betty dress in the Sinclair Facebook group , I eagerly applied. I already loved the dress before I made it because of its wrap bodice. Dresses HAVE to be nursing friendly for me to consider making them at the moment, and I knew that the wrap would be! The Betty Dress: This beautiful pattern  is such a classic style. You can wear it anywhere. It's perfect for church, date night, and even for work. It's comfortable and easy to wear and style. There are a couple of options to appeal to anyone. As I mentioned, there is a lovely wrap bodice and wrap skirt, but everything is attached at the waist so there won't be any coming open! 😉 Both the bodice and the skirt have beautiful pleats giving the dress (or top) a nice drape,

Fun, Fast, and Free - Fresh Looks for Summer!

When I first saw the information about the "Boys in Summer" Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents , I knew I wanted to participate! My boys are the reason I started sewing! I HAD to participate. But, what would I sew? I contemplated what I might make for a couple of weeks, and then it hit me... it would be super fun to highlight a couple of great freebies! EVERYONE loves free stuff. Free patterns are a great way to try a new designer out before making a purchase, they're perfect for adding some variety to your pattern stash without spending money, and they're just super fun... because more patterns = more stuff you get to make. 😁 So the freebies I'm going to talk to you about today are from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop . I love Peek-a-boo patterns. I've made a few of them for my boys and have tested a few as well. I feel like the instructions are mostly geared towards beginners, so any skill level can be successful with her patterns. I've really en