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The Real Deal -- I sewed JEANS!

Yep, look at 'em. They're the REAL DEAL.... The Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs, that is.

Most people start out the new year with some sort of "resolution" or goal. Maybe they're going to exercise more, eat healthier, be more organized, or whatever.

My main goal at the beginning of 2018 was to sew jeans. But I was a little afraid. I wasn't afraid of the actual sewing, but I was afraid that if I spent a lot of time and money on fabrics that I would sew them, try them on, and have the worst fit ever. I really didn't want to ruin good fabric.

So here we are... I'm sewing jeans as part of the Just Jean Blog Tour hosted by Winter Wear Designs. '

Muslin, or lack thereof...

A couple of years ago, there was a Real Deal Jean Sewalong hosted in the Winter Wear Designs group. I eagerly decided to participate. I got my pattern, had my fabric, and set out on my jean-making journey by making my "muslin." If you've never sewn before, this is …

Boatneck Bliss! The Winter Wear Designs Outer Banks Boatneck Tee is HERE!

Sometimes things in life work out PERFECTLY ... Like how my favorite new boatneck tee came to be 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking that I'd really love a boatneck pattern. I have an old boatneck tee I purchased from Target years ago, and I love it. But it's 3 /4 length sleeves, and Louisiana is too hot in the summer for that! And I only have one. So I started looking at pattern options. Then, Suzanne with Winter Wear Designs mentioned that she was working on a Boatneck Pattern for women. What?? YAY!

As soon as the tester call went up, I happily applied! 
Now... Meet the Outer Banks Boatneck Tee!
Let me tell you about testing...
Suzanne assigned our sizes based on measurements but wanted us to figure out among ourselves who from each size was sewing which options. She wanted to make sure she had all of her bases covered. I originally really wanted to do the cap short sleeve, because, as I mentioned, I live in Louisiana, and the HEAT! 🌞 But someone in my size had alrea…

A Perfect Party Outfit -- Mamma Can Do It Style

Y'all, my baby is ONE!

Happy Birthday Luke!!

He is my sweet little love. 💗💗 A big 25 lbs, happy, still doesn't sleep through the night, but oh well. He loves food, loves nursing, loves his mama, daddy, and big brother. He is able to walk, but crawling is his preferred method of getting around (he can get there faster 😉). He's been taking steps now for two months... you would think he'd prefer walking by now. 🤷 He loves playing with big brother's toys. He loves cars, trains, and dinosaurs, just like Daniel.

He is so cute playing with the dinosaurs... he holds them and growls. I think he learned that from Daniel too! haha

So for his first birthday party, we decided to have him a dinosaur theme party. We have ordered a dinosaur cake, bought bright, colorful decorations, and are so excited!

His Outfit:

I knew I wanted to make him something fun, and thought I would need to go to the fabric store. But, I started going through my old scraps the other day, and found thi…

Fun, Comfy, Easy -- The Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants for Boys

So, these pants are pretty amazing. Let me introduce you to the Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants for boys.

I'm sure you've already seen these, and you may have already seen many ladies raving about them, but this really is a great pattern! So many reasons to love them!

Let me tell you a little about them!

The Fit Worksheet

This pattern includes a wonderful size range, 2T all the way up to size 20! These are drafted specifically for boys. The pattern is intended to be used with a knit fabric with 40% stretch, but if this description doesn't match the fabric you're dying to use, you're in luck! Elizabeth has a WONDERFUL fit guide included in the pattern. It's really nothing short of AMAZING. But... remember how you always wondered if you'd really ever have to use that math you learned in school? Here is where it comes into play. 😉 You'll need to know how much stretch your fabric has (don't worry - she explains how to determine this), your child's measurem…

Trend-Setting Babies in the new Puperita Stormy Patterns ❤😎

It's no secret that I LOVE Puperita Patterns. When I see a tester call for something that boys can wear, I apply if at all possible. I know they're going to be good! I know that even if we have to sew up multiple versions, none of the versions will be bad, and they will all be wearable. Annalisa just knows what she is doing. So, when I saw the tester call for the new Stormy Pants and Hoodie, I quickly applied. I decided to test for my nephew, Matthew! I thought the pants were so cute, and had some adorable fabrics that I really wanted to use!

About the Patterns:

The pants are a very cute style! They are harem style with fun squared off pockets. And talk about a fast sew! You'll have these finished before your kiddos wake up from naptime!

The hoodie is a unique style! The crossover front is easy to sew and will be easy to pull over the head, even for little babies! I love this style!

Matthew's Pants: 

I downloaded the pattern, and based on his measurements, we chose the …