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Boatneck Bliss! The Winter Wear Designs Outer Banks Boatneck Tee is HERE!

Sometimes things in life work out PERFECTLY ... Like how my favorite new boatneck tee came to be πŸ˜‰

A couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking that I'd really love a boatneck pattern. I have an old boatneck tee I purchased from Target years ago, and I love it. But it's 3 /4 length sleeves, and Louisiana is too hot in the summer for that! And I only have one. So I started looking at pattern options. Then, Suzanne with Winter Wear Designs mentioned that she was working on a Boatneck Pattern for women. What?? YAY!

As soon as the tester call went up, I happily applied! 

Let me tell you about testing...

Suzanne assigned our sizes based on measurements but wanted us to figure out among ourselves who from each size was sewing which options. She wanted to make sure she had all of her bases covered. I originally really wanted to do the cap short sleeve, because, as I mentioned, I live in Louisiana, and the HEAT! 🌞 But someone in my size had already chosen a short cap sleeve when I checked the testing group. My other options were 3/4 sleeve or this bishop sleeve. Well, I didn't really think I liked the bishop sleeve... I mean it's great for other people, but not ME! I thought I'd prefer something simple that didn't stand out so much. But like I mentioned, I really wanted a short sleeve, so I reluctantly said I would sew the bishop sleeve in top length. 

When you test, you sometimes sew multiple items so that the designer can get the fit just right. So you don't typically go in with a fabric that you absolutely love to begin with, because it may not be your perfect fit.

I've had this striped fabric from Joann Fabric for probably close to three years. I purchased it with a specific pattern in mind, but when I got home, I just wasn't sure about it... was this fabric made for little girls? I didn't think it would look good on me, and I couldn't picture anything being sewn in it. So, I just folded it and held onto it.

So, for version #1, I decided to grab this striped fabric. I have no idea what the fabric content is, but based on the drape, stretch, and recovery, I'd guess, there's a little rayon in there and some spandex. πŸ˜‰ The top went together easily, and the instructions were VERY GOOD! I reluctantly attached my "bishop" sleeves, and finished it up. And... IT WAS LOVE πŸ’— I actually love the fabric! I really love the sleeves too, so much that I chose to do the same sleeves on my next version! I submitted fit pictures, and Suzanne made a few changes, but my first top is totally wearable... and I may have already worn it out two or three times! 

And, I totally didn't notice that my necklace was twisted when we took these ;) lol

There were a couple of more versions in testing after this version to get the fit just right! I made two more. One for me, and one for my sister. Her measurements are almost the exact same as mine, but unfortunately, we didn't have time to get a picture yet! 

The Pattern:

You'll find this beautiful pattern here.

On the website, you'll see quite a few tester images, so you can get an idea of what it looks like on all sizes and body types!

Borrowed from the Winter Wear Designs Site, you can see some of the options below.
Your options for this pattern include a facing, an exposed facing, or bound neckline. You have cap/short sleeves, bishop sleeves, and 3/4 length sleeves. Towards the end of testing, Suzanne chose to add in a long sleeve option, so you'll have those as well! There is a top length and a tunic length, and markings for optional side ruching. SO MANY OPTIONS!

Have you ever made a Winter Wear Pattern before? Suzanne includes wonderful instructions for making pattern adjustments for different body types, if you need any pattern adjustments. I haven't seen this in other patterns, but it's a Winter Wear Designs feature that I love!!

In fact, I'm thinking that when I sew it again, I need to follow one of her adjustments to get my best fit for the neckline! I had the slightest bit of gapping, and I know that making a minor adjustment could give me my perfect fit, and that's why we sew, right?

My Final Version:

I used a cotton spandex fabric from Purple Seamstress. I got my size out of one yard. You can't beat $6.50 + a little sewing time for a new cute top!

I have a top length, faced neckline, with bishop sleeves. I wanted top length to wear with skirts and jeans this summer. But after seeing the tunic length with leggings on another tester, I do think I'll need one of those too! 

Just a Little Overview:
  • Boatneck Tee
  • Rated Beginner to Advanced beginner depending on which options you choose
  • Great photo instructions and line drawings to help you finish every step!
  • Wonderful instructions on different pattern adjustments you may need to fit your body properly 
  • Support from the designer and others in the Facebook Group
  • Only $5!!!
This top pattern has an amazing price of only $5!! You won't want to miss out! πŸ’“πŸ’“

**I have posted my affiliate link for this pattern throughout this blog post**

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!

If you do not already, come follow me on Instagram! I'd also love to see what you make!! πŸ™‚


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