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The All Seasons Top and Dress by Pickle Toes Patterns

I'm starting to think a little about fall. I've been sewing a lot this summer, but most of the things I have made so far are really summery and won't carry me far when the weather starts changing. I really want a few handmade things to wear this fall and winter, so I decided to go ahead and make something new!

This is the All Season's Top by Pickle Toe's Patterns!

This Pattern:

Let me tell you about this pattern! You have quite a few options for sewing it. You can sew this in top, tunic, or dress length. There are two neckline options (jewel neck and V-Neck). You have quite a few sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4, or long). The sleeves can be made with a hem or a band. There is also an option to add a thumbhole cuff to the long sleeve. SEE? Lots of options!

This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics. Almost any knit fabric with at least 30% stretch will work. You'll want to use something slightly stretchier and with good recovery for the bands.

This is a pretty easy sew, and goes together fairly quickly. I think it's good for a beginner project. The top/dress is slightly fitted at the bust but loose and flowy around the waist and hips. It's definitely a comfortable and flattering fit on everyone!

My Top:

As you can see, I decided to sew this top twice. My sister needed one too, right? Her bust and waist measurements are almost the exact same as mine, making it easy. Only need one pattern. πŸ˜‰ Isn't that convenient?

I made our matching tops from some Double Brushed Poly fabric I got from Surge Fabric Shop. This fabric is so pretty and SO SOFT! I love how DBP feels! πŸ’“

Obviously I decided to make this pattern in top length. We wanted something that we could wear with blue jeans or dress up with a skirt, and this top is perfect! It is easy to wear it for causal wear or to church if you pair it with the right thing.

I used the jewel neckline for both of our tops. I don't know how, but somehow I've never even heard of this neckline option before. I think I had heard of everything else, but not jewel. I had to Google search it. Apparently the jewel neckline is a somewhat rounded neckline, deeper than a crew neck, but not as deep as a scoop neck. I like the neckline on this option. I like where it hits me, and I think it's very pretty.

I chose to use the 3/4 length sleeves with bands rather than hems. I like bands on 3/4 length sleeves because if you get to warm, they're easy to push up to elbow length. The bands help the sleeves to stay put when you push them up.

As you can see, the top is more fitted at the bust and looser at the waist and hips. It fits both of us very comfortably.

Overview of This Pattern:

  • two neckline options (jewel and v-neck)
  • several sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4, and long)
  • hemmed or banded sleeves
  • optional thumbhole cuff for long sleeve
  • top, tunic, or dress length cut lines
  • drafted for knit fabrics
  • comfortable fit (more fitted at bust, loose at waist and hips)
  • easy sew
  • support from the Pickle Toes Patterns Facebook Group (a great place to share your PTP creations and get assistance if needed) 

Thank you so much for reading my post! Please know that I have included my affiliate link to this pattern in this post. You won't be charged anything extra for using my affiliate link, but if you do, I'll receive a small percentage of the sale when you purchase. πŸ™‚

If you don't already, come follow me on Instagram! I'd also love to see what YOU make!


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**Disclosure: I have included my affiliate links in this post. If you choose to purchase using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you**

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