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Getting Dressed for Halloween!

Honestly, Halloween was never my favorite holiday. It was just a day where some people dressed up. I don't particularly care for dressing up, so I haven't since I was a little girl. But... I have two sweet boys now. And one of them LOVES Halloween. So I'm participating in all the costume sewing, fun holiday-themed tee making, and Halloween-themed blog tours, and am actually really enjoying it! 😉

Today is my day to share on the DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour hosted by Seams Sew Low.

Okay... so I'm actually just sharing some Halloween-Themed tees, but they're so fun! I promise to show a picture of their costumes too!

Daniel loves ghosts, pumpkins, costumes, candy, scary stuff, Halloween Decorations, everything Halloween related. I don't know where he gets it, but he loves the holiday.

So, I have happily now made him 4 costumes in his life, and for the last two years, I've made him a couple of Halloween-themed shirts. So, for my day on the DIY Halloween Costumes Blog Tour, I'm sharing Daniel's new Halloween-themed shirt!

I mentioned that I've made Daniel Halloween Themed shirts in the past, so this year, when I found this ghost fabric and Joann's, I had to get it! It has ghosts (which Daniel loves) and it's orange (which is apparently Luke's favorite color). I can make both boys happy with it! I HAD to make a third one for my little nephew too. 😉

So for their fun Halloween-themed shirts, I used the FREE Brindille and Twig Ringer Tee! I like Brindille and Twig patterns. Most are really easy, relatively fast sews. The Ringer Tee may be the fastest because it has NO HEMS! BANDS EVERYWHERE! Maybe that's why I love it! One evening of sewing = three new little shirts!

I chose to make short sleeve tee shirts because Louisiana weather is SO unpredictable this time of year. It can be hot or it can be cold. I knew that if it was cold, the kids could still wear their ghost tees layered over long sleeves. They've worn them both ways so far this month because we did have a cold front! The pictures of my little guys were made before it got cold!

Daniel cooperated so nicely for his photos in his new tee, and Luke was more interested in playing.

And Look at how cute my little nephew is in his!

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a different Halloween themed blog tour and shared their costumes. I had so much fun making them. You should check that post out here to see my versions of Batman and Robin.  If you're interested in seeing their costumes, I'll share a photo here too. 🙂

As you can see, we're having lots of fun making costumes and holiday-themed apparel! Thank you for reading my post! 💗 I hope you've found some inspiration! 

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