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Spooky and Sweet, Ready for Trick or Treat!

Daniel has been asking since about July when Halloween is. He REALLY wanted to be Batman for Halloween. I knew he would change his mind before October, so I waited to sew his costume. After all, kids change their minds, right? I should have known better. Daniel is stubborn and when he makes a decision, (whether good or bad), he sticks with it. Last year, he decided very early that he wanted to be an airline pilot for Halloween, and I was surprised that he even knew what an airline pilot was or what they wore, but he did, and I obliged, making him an airline pilot costume.

When Sunni of Made for Little Gents announced that she would be hosting a Halloween Blog Tour, I immediately signed up, knowing that it would force me to get costumes made a couple of weeks early! Early is ALWAYS good, because otherwise, I'm last minute. So today is my day on the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour. 

May I present to you.... My Version of Batman and Robin!

Daniel chose Batman, and since Luke doesn't care yet, I decided they should coordinate, so he's Robin. Since my little guys aren't actually Super Heros, I wanted their costumes to be practical and inexpensive. These little costumes will double as pajamas after Halloween is over, and I probably spent around $20-$25 making them! They're adorable, a better price than I could have found anywhere else, AND much better made. Plus, what is more com

The Patterns I Used: 

I wanted to do this as inexpensively as possible, so I used a couple of FREE patterns, and one paid pattern that I already had on hand. 

I sewed the Sew A Little Seam Movie Night Pajamas for both boys. They're perfect for the costumes, and they're perfect pajamas after Halloween is over! I love the fit of these pajamas, and you can't beat free!! You can get this pattern in kids sizes (size 12 months - 12 years) and in women's sizes with a code available in the Sew a Little Seam Facebook Group.

I used the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Free Super Hero Cape. It's free and easy. I modified the bottom of the cape a tad. The pattern piece is straight across the bottom. I used a plate and traced the curved edges, but then sewed it exactly according to the instructions. There is a code in the Peek-a-Boo Facebook Group to grab this pattern (and some others) for free!! 

For the Robin bodysuit/romper in red, I used the Brindille and Twig Breezy Romper. I love this little sunsuit, and it was the perfect look for completing Robin's outfit. I already had the pattern, because we've used it previously this summer. If you're interested in purchasing it, it is $7.50 full price. 

Fabric I Used: 

As I mentioned, I didn't spend much on the costumes at all. I needed all solid fabrics, so I ordered from my favorite source... Purple Seamstress! You can't beat $6.50/ yard. And, it's good, consistent quality. I bought black, red, and green cotton lycra. She has almost any color you can imagine!

For Daniel's cape, I bought some polyester "Costume Satin" from Wal-Mart. It worked perfectly for this and was $1.97/ yard. I only needed one yard for him. 

Daniel's Mask:

Daniel's mask was a big experiment, and it worked! I was on the fence about trying to make a mask, or buy one. Mask's aren't that expensive on Amazon, and I knew I could get it quickly, if needed, so I decided to experiment. 

I found a free template on this page. The lady who made it recommends tracing it onto craft foam for using, and hole punching the sides for elastic. But that's not what I did. 

I traced the template onto Heat and Bond Lite. I ironed the Heat and Bond to my black fabric. I then ironed this to another piece of black fabric. It still felt flimsy, so I ironed fusible interfacing to the back. Then I ironed more heat and bond on and heat and bonded it to a third piece of black fabric. I stitched all the way around the mask and around the eye holes so that it will stay together. I initially sewed little button holes on the sides to feed the elastic through and tie, but ended up not even opening the button holes. I just sewed the elastic down to both sides at a good length for Daniel. But, if you don't have a head to measure, I'd probably use the buttonhole method so that the wearer can tie it comfortably! 

The Applique: 

So there are designs on Etsy that you can purchase for use on an embroidery machine for Batman and Robin logos. But, as I mentioned, I wanted to do this inexpensively (and creatively), so I made the appliques myself. I cheated a little, and traced their emblems onto heat and bond, ironed to fabric, and stitched everything down with my machine.

I have written a tutorial before on how I do appliques. It is here if you are interested. 

And so... there you have it... 


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Please be aware that I have included my affiliate links to patterns I used above. If you choose to use them, it doesn't cost you anything extra... I just get a small percentage of your purchase if you do! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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As I mentioned, this was part of the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents. Be sure to check out all the other stops on this really fun blog tour!!

Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents
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Fri. Oct. 12 | Manning the Machine


  1. Those appliques were so genius and I love that you used the PJ pattern, so clever!

  2. Love these! Such a good idea to have pajamas as the base of the costume!

    1. Thank you! I love the idea that they will get to use them again! They will need pajamas anyway! ;)


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