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Heading Back to School 2019

Daniel is going back to school in a little over a week. He's READY. I'm not sure that I am though! We've enjoyed the summer but I'm going to miss him!

But going back to school called for getting a few new outfits... Daniel helped me with some online fabric shopping so that we could make him what he wanted for school to start!

Participating in the Back to School Blog Tour hosted by Paisley Roots! seemed like the perfect reason to go ahead and get his new outfits made! So I'm sharing two new tee shirts with you today. I actually made him 4 new tee shirts in a week, but two are still in testing, so I don't get to share those just yet! πŸ˜‰

**Disclosure: I have included my affiliate links to the patterns and fabric used, when applicable. If you choose to purchase a pattern or fabric using my link, I'll receive a small commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.**

Back to School Fabric:

I've had this fabric for a while and I've been trying to decide what to make with it. Daniel helped me choose it from the Peek-a-boo Website when it was up for pre-order. They had a few back-to-school prints, and we liked this one the most. It is a lightweight cotton spandex. It coordinates with quite a few colors, and I had a big selection of solids at home. We ended up pairing it with this lime. I really love it! I think it must be sold out now, but they still have a few other fun school-related prints!

I've been trying to decide what to make for him with this fabric. I considered a color-blocked tee. We thought about doing a raglan, and the Puperita Jelly Tee was in the running. I spent about a week trying to decide what I should make for him, and then my sister mentioned that the loved the Puperita Jelly Tees that I made the kids for the summer where I used a print on the bodice and a solid for the sleeves and neckline, so one night, I decided to not think about it anymore, and I just pulled out the pattern and cut. I really like how it turned out!

The Puperita Jelly Tee:

When you find a basic tee pattern that you love, you just quit looking, right? I actually tested this pattern for Luke and Daniel when Luke was a new baby, and it's been a favorite pattern for me ever since. It fits the kids so well and has just enough options to make it worth using, but not too many that it's overwhelming.

You can choose to make this pattern in short or long sleeves. The long sleeves can be hemmed or banded. The waist can be hemmed or banded. It's a comfortable fit. With different fabrics, it can be really cute and fun. Every time I get ready to make the kids a basic tee, this is the pattern I reach for.

According to his measurements, I chose the size 5. I intended to add a tiny bit of length to the pattern since he's growing, but I forgot. I decided to hem the bottom at 3/4" rather than 1",  so we got a tiny bit of length there.

It fits him well and he loves the top.

He played with sticks during his whole photo shoot! He said he was making spears.🀷
Daniel's Super Heros:

We found this SuperHero fabric a couple of months ago at Elevated Fashion Fabrics. Daniel really liked it, and he's asked me a few times when I was going to get his shirt made. He's really excited about this.

This was a custom print, and was also a lightweight cotton spandex. It's really cute and pairs with many solid colors. We chose yellow!

The Peek-a-boo Freestyle Shirt and Hoodie:

This is a fun little pattern with quite a few options. You can make a tee shirt or a hoodie. It can be a solid bodice or it can be color blocked in a couple of different ways. You can choose to add a neckband or a hoodie. There is an optional kangaroo pocket. The bottom of the shirt is finished with a band, however I added length and just hemmed Daniel's.

It's definitely worth the price. For $7.95, you can make this several different ways! There is a printing table included in the pattern so that you'll know which pages you need to print for the sizes and options you choose. I really love this! So helpful!
Ready for School:

I didn't make him or purchase him that many new things for back to school... I may have gone overboard with sewing him fun new things this summer! He's really in good shape until the weather cools off. So I'm already getting some ideas ready for the fall! 😁
It's really hard for a little guy to stand still! 🀣

Both of these tees are paired with his favorite Target Cat and Jack Shorts. I've made him some shorts, but honestly, these are some of his favorites. They're super cute, and I can't beat the $5 price tag! He has a couple of pairs of these in different colors.

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